High Noon (1952)

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    • Re: Classic Western Movies- High Noon (1952)

      I really like this movie I always thought it was so cool how the movie is in real time. I thought it was a neat concept for a movie.
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    • Re: Classic Western Movies- High Noon (1952)

      And let's not ignore Tiomkin's contribution to the soundtrack, as differentiated from the ballad which permeates the film.
      I read someplace that Jack Elam's town drunk character sampling the wares of the empty saloon was intercut with the gunfight. No wonder it was cut!

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    • Re: Classic Movie Westerns- High Noon (1952)

      I saw this movie when it came out, and thought it was ok. I was ten then and now I appreciate it much more. Gary, Grace, Lloyd,Katy, Lee Van Cleef, Jack Elam. What a
      great cast. It seems like Harry Morgan was in every movie ever made.
      I think it is a great movie, unfortunately we have more communists in government now
      then in the movie business then. I don't know if what to Cooper in the movie, actually could have happened in those days or not. I heard years ago John Wayne said this would have never happened, people would have supported the Sheriff.
      That is one thing about fiction, you can make anything happen.
      I was surprised Duke was pushing his weight around like that. Until I read "J.W. The
      Man Behind The Myth."
      They talk about Stalin and then Mao, putting hit orders on Duke for speaking out against
      communism. This actually happened, duke did not tell his family about it. There is an event on a beach with Duke and a friend holding prop guns to the head of two Russian, with F.B.I agents watching them. The russians were sent home.

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    • Re: Classic Movie Westerns- High Noon (1952)

      i wanted to bring this Great Movie to the forefront. I saw it at age 10. When it won academy awards, I was surprised. Now I look at as a great move.
      All those fine actors in it. In fact I just ordered the "The Collectors Edition" very cheaply on amazon.
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