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    I also heard he got crossways with Duke after this film but I can’t recall the details of it.

    Apparently he disagreed with Duke in an interview, and never saw him again.

    I wondered why he did not appear in any other notable films afterwards, apart from a tiny bit role in "Tombstone".

    Rio Bravo is one of the finest westerns ever made...not just by Duke. The other two pale in comparison but Rio Lobo is probably the weakest of the three...but still not a bad movie by any means.

    Both Rio Lobo and El Dorado were what Duke termed "pay the bills" movies.

    I liked "Rio Lobo" best because it felt like a spaghetti western, and it was on a more epic scale than the previous two movies.

    I think the article is trying to stir up trouble for no reason. Yes…Duke didn’t like the message behind “High Noon”…neither did Howard Hawks and it’s been surmised that “Rio Bravo” was their reply though with little evidence. Whether he agreed with the message of “”High Noon” he was proud to accept the Academy Award for his friend…Duke was too professional to do otherwise.

    John Wayne and Gary Cooper were not Hollywood rivals…they were great friends. John Wayne had said his greatest professional disappointment was never having made a movie together with Cooper.

    Cooper strongly rejected an offer to star in "The Far Horizons" with Duke.