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  • Also heard Patricia Blair, from Daniel Boone and The Rifleman, has died.
    From Facebook:

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    Laura Wagner

    R.I.P., PATRICIA BLAIR (January 15, 1931 – September 9, 2013), an actress best known for her recurring roles on the TV series THE RIFLEMAN and DANIEL BOONE. She was born Patricia Blake in Fort Worth, Texas, and grew up in Dallas. In her late teens she began to model, and this led to a contract with the Harry Conover Modeling Agency. After appearing in stock and on TV, she was signed by Warner Bros.... in 1954. Billed as Pat Blake, she made her film debut in WB's war film JUMP INTO HELL as a French girl. As Patricia Blake she got her most notable leading lady assignment in THE BLACK SLEEP, a low-budget horror movie with an all-star cast of veterans. In this august company, she was perhaps "in" a bit over her head, acting-wise; her leading man Herbert Rudley said in a 1994 interview that while she had a nice personality, "but I didn't think she had any plusses from the point of view of abilities." Star Basil Rathbone reportedly thought she was a terrible actress and, never one to mince words, advised her to "marry her young man" (whoever she was dating at the time) and get out of the business! Despite two more movie leads (CITY OF FEAR and CAGE OF EVIL), the pretty red-head never made an impression on the big screen, even after alternating her name from Pat Blake, to Patricia Blake, to finally Patricia Blair and even Pat Blair. It would be on television that she found her biggest success, if on a modest scale. She guested on such series as THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET, TELEPHONE TIME, THE BOB CUMMINGS SHOW, MIKE HAMMER, RESCUE 8, RICHARD DIAMOND, PRIVATE DETECTIVE, STEVE CANYON, THE DENNIS O'KEEFE SHOW, NOT FOR HIRE, THE LORETTA YOUNG SHOW, THE CASE OF THE DANGEROUS ROBIN, SURFSIDE 6, THE VIRGINIAN, PERRY MASON, BONANZA, and TEMPLE HOUSTON. In 1959 she played the recurring role of Goldy on YANCY DERRINGER, and in 1961 she appeared opposite Neville Brand in the unsold pilot TRAMP SHIP. In 1962, she got her big break when she replaced Joan Taylor as Chuck Connors' love interest on the series THE RIFLEMAN. She was cast as Lou Mallory, a "fiery Irish lass," a role she said was "an absolute Maureen O'Hara steal." In 1963, THE RIFLEMAN was set to expand to an hour, in color, but star Chuck Connors "walked away. He didn't want to be a cowboy anymore." Blair added, "We had our contracts signed. Paul Fix, Johnny [Crawford], me – It was a dreadful blow. You're looking at the house payments and you think you've got it made." Blair was intent on moving to New York when writer Gordon Chase suggested her for the role of Fess Parker's wife in the 1964 series DANIEL BOONE, and she stayed with the series throughout its six-year run. "I got some phone calls after [the show's 1970 cancellation] but I was in no way going to do those [low-budget] movies." In the 1970s Blair guested a little on TV (DUSTY'S TRAIL, ABC AFTERSCHOOL SPECIALS, PETROCELLI) and did a couple of movies, but had lost interest in acting. In 1965, she married land developer Martin S. Colbert, and they lived on their yacht for awhile and traveled extensively before settling in New Jersey. In an interview in the 1990s, Blair said, "As for these days, I do trade shows. Produce them. I do a big bakery show for the New Jersey and New York State Bakers Associations. This is the moment I'm living right now, you can't live in the past. Let it go. It was wonderful, magic; but I live in this moment." The 82-year-old Blair died in Cape May County, New Jersey.

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  • Not sure if this has been posted or not, but one of my favorite authors has died at an early age. Tom Clancy.....Hunt for Red October, and the man who created "Jack Ryan", will not give us any more. His last book was published last year, but one is due out December 3rd.

    Tom, thanks for your fantastic work that kept me enthralled from beginning to end.......I couldn't WAIT for your next one to come out. I am so glad there is one left for me to read. Now, you can enjoy all the folks who were your fans and the people who portrayed your characters in film. Hope it is decided to make more movies from your books now. KEITH…dead-66-article-1.1473782

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Hi Gareth,

    Not sure, but I THINK, Clancy's books which titles begin with "Tom Clancy's.............." are ghostwritten. I think there are some that have two author names......Clancy's is larger and then another smaller. I BELIEVE that Clancy wrote the rest. Let me know if you find out differently. No matter to me, far I have loved them all, LOL. KEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • True...........but I am fairly certain he wrote the majority of them except for the ones I mentioned before. Look at a list of his books.....don't think there are THAT many like that.......a little rushed though now.

    Have a good one, Kiddo! KEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE