Honeymoon in Monument Valley, Utah

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    • Re: Honeymoon in Monument Valley, Utah


      Great photo, Smokey, I love!
      For my own information, the women, in the Far West, do they wear cowboy hats (Stetson style)? :twitchsmile:
      Unconditional's Maureen O'Hara !
      French-English translation: poor !!!
    • Re: Honeymoon in Monument Valley, Utah

      Frank wrote:

      You were lucky to have found a wife who loves the films of John Wayne, I'm still looking for it ...
      The last holiday I have been in those places and even now I stop to watch the hundreds of photos ... and dream ...

      Ciao Frank,
      I am indeed very luck.
      My wife had little choice; now she has embraced the films of the Duke, and on occasion, even requests them!
      On Sunday she watched True Grit for the first time and said how much more she enjoyed it to the Coen brothers version.
    • Re: Honeymoon in Monument Valley, Utah

      romy in australia we dont wear stetons we wear acrubas a totally different hat and they only wear them in the country areas lol
      " its not all black and white, but different shades of grey"