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    son bought me the seasons 1-10 NCIS have some watching to do lol, love him, just watched wolferine great movie

    want to go see the railwayman some of which was filmed in ipswich australia my local big town lol

    we had a supercell thumder storm last weekend here, no damage where i live but near where i work just a 20 min drive away the had hail stones the size of golf and soft balls they lost windows, fences, cars have broken winscreens trees down and local flooding.

    there was snow and black ice down south, snow up in stanthope about 4 hrs from me yesterday we had just 15 as the max and 4 last night and again tonight a cold front came in from the artic area not good when we had just has 3 days in the 30's warmer weather coming back by the middle of the week thank you anything under 20 is jumper and extra blankies

    dont watch any olymipics as they are on at night when im in bed just glad to see that some teams asr doing well and that the aussies are not this time might make them wake up to themselves lol

    well when i went and got the car serviced mum and i went to the local shopping centre was looking in a little dvd shop when mum came up to me with a dvd one that i have been looking for, for years does anyone want to guess what it was ...............................................................................................................
    no takers well it was the quite man what a find watched it and loved seeing it again thanks mum

    we are going down to 2 tonight which really means we will be having zero and i have to get up for work in the morning oh what joy (not) wishing summer was here now will gladly swop temps with some one for some hot weather lol

    we have had some really cold mornings been down to -5 warming up to a cold 18 during the day summer must surely be coming soon cant take much more of this cold weather i want it to be hot and sunny, no rain this summer please lol

    had a quiet day son slept in so missed out on breakie in bed lol did some gardening then went round to mums place for dinner, saw my nephew off to the navy on monday so that was enough excitement for the week, he is doing well so far my nephew that is

    son told me this one

    there are 2 sisters one is blonde and the other brunnet, they own a cattle ranch and they have $2000 to buy a bull. they find one and the brunnet sister goes and buys it for $1999, after buying it she goes to the telegraph office and writes out the telegraph, the man behind the counter says it will cost $1 a word, asshe has only $1 she thinks for a while and says send comfortable the man behind the counter say why comfortable and she replys my sister is blonde and will read the word slowly .......come for the bull.

    ha ha