Patrick Wayne

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  • Hi all!
    I haven't been on for a little while. Does anyone know what Patrick Wayne is doing? Is he doing any producing or directing?
    Little Duke

  • Little Duke,
    I really don't know what he is doing but I wish he would get back into acting.

    Tulalip Wa

  • Hey,
    I would love to know what Patrick Wayne is doing now, and what he looks like! I am sure he looks just like his Dad. In a previous question, someone was asking who they thought could play the Duke, if they did a movie about him, I sugested Patrick Wayne. Someone, I will have to look back, said that Patrick Wayne is know 61. And then they gave me an web page that shows Ethan Wayne!
    I do agree though, I would love to see Patrick Wayne again!

  • What was the name of the TV series that Patrick wayne did about the resque squad that was 3 people. Patrick another male and a female...the pilot movie they had to save a plane crashed in a building

    Tulalip Wa

  • On my copy of the Searchers, there is a brief documentary hosted by Pat Wayne where he remembers his experiences from the the end as he turns to walk away he looked just like his Dad. It would be great to see him in a Western again.


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