Duke Singing in the Movies

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  • Just found this list originally posted by Colorado Bob.

    It appears to be the definitive list of all movies,
    that featured Duke singing or apparently singing!!
    Anyone know anymore?

    Riders of Destiny (1933) = “The Outlaw’s Fate (The Cowboy’s Song of the Dead),” = (dubbed by Bill Bradbury, son of the film’s producer/director, Robert N. Bradbury)

    Man From Utah (1934) = “Blow Desert Wind (Song of the Wild)”, (dubbed by Bill Bradbury)

    Westward, Ho! (1935) = “The Girl I Love In My Dreams” (dubbed by Jack Kirk who appeared in the film)

    Lawless Range (1935) = “The Outlaw’s Fate (The Cowboy’s Song of the Dead)”, and, “On the Banks of the Sunny San Juan” = (dubbed by Jack Kirk who appeared in the film)

    Pittsburgh(1942) = “(Darling) Clementine” (sung by Wayne himself)

    In Old Oklahoma (1943) = “Redwing” (sung by Wayne himself)

    Three Godfathers (1948) = “Cowboy’s Lament” (“Streets of Laredo”) (sung by Wayne himself)

    The Fighting Kentuckian (1949) = “600 Miles More To Go” (sung by Wayne himself in a duet with Oliver Hardy!)

    Roy Rogers & Dale Evans (1950’s) = During the 1950’s, John Wayne appeared in a short musical film with Roy and Dale, where Wayne was featured singing around the campfire

    The Quiet Man (1952) = “The Wild Colonial Boy” (sung by Wayne himself in a duet with Victor McLaglan)

    The Commancheros (1961) = “Redwing” (sung by Wayne himself)

    McLintock (1963) = "I Dream of Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair" substituting Katie for Jeanie

    Donovan’s Reef (1963) = “The Monkeys Have No Tails In Zamboanga”, and, “Frere Jacques” (sung by Wayne himself)

    Big Jake (1971) = “The Dirty Cow” song (sung in Spanish, this is only an approximation of the songs title, as this is what Wayne is singing about)

    Cahill, U.S. Marshall (1973) = “Cowboy’s Lament” (“Streets of Laredo”) (sung by Wayne himself)

    Rooster Cogburn (1975) = “I Finded Her!” (sung by Wayne while his character is in a state of intoxication)

    The Shootist (1976) = “Titwillow” (sung by Wayne himself)

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Just stumbled across this topic...he also sang in McLintock as he drunkenly rode up to the house the night Mrs. Warren told him she was going to marry the sherriff. He sang "I dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair" substituting Katie for Jeanie.