Wyatt Earp's Revenge (2012)

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    Information from IMDb

    Plot Summary
    Wyatt Earp sits down with a reporter in his home.
    The reporter and Earp talks in an interview of how he became a famous lawman.
    Earp tells the story of how the legend became a fearless US Marshal.
    A 27 year old Wyatt Earp (Roberts) finds out that his first favorite girl,
    Dora Hand (DeGarmo), was murdered by a man.
    He goes out of town to track down the man and teams up with his friend Doc Holliday (Bethel),
    Bat Masterson (Dallas), Charlie Bassett (Whyte), and Bill Tilghman (Fiehler).

    Full Cast
    Val Kilmer ... Wyatt Earp
    Shawn Roberts ... Wyatt Earp - 1878
    Daniel Booko ... Spike Kenedy
    Matt Dallas ... Bat Masterson
    Steven Grayhm ... Sam Kenedy
    Scott Whyte ... Charlie Bassett
    Levi Fiehler ... Bill Tilghman
    David O'Donnell ... Conrad - 1907
    Diana DeGarmo ... Dora (as Diana Degarmo)
    Trace Adkins ... Mifflin Kenedy
    Caia Coley ... Mrs. Kenedy
    Kaitlyn Black ... Susie
    Wes Brown ... Ed
    Mason Cook ... Conrad - 1878
    Lyle Kanouse ... Judge Hinkle
    Brian Groh ... Jones
    Martin Santander ... Sanchez
    Wilson Bethel ... Doc Holliday
    Peter Sherayko ... Fowler Sheriff
    Andrew Hawkes ... Livery Man
    Jonathan Erickson Eisley ... Jack (as Jonathan E. Eisley)
    Kevin McNiven ... Snitch (as Kevin Mcniven)
    Miracle Laurie ... Fannie Garretson
    Darren Benjamin Shepherd ... Clerk (as Darren Shepherd)
    Daniel Ringey ... Bartender (as Dan Ringey)
    Charlie Bewley ... Sam Bass
    Rob Daly ... Chavez Y Chavez
    Ardeshir Radpour ... Gunman
    John Luder ... Sheriff with wanted poster (as John Hopkins- Luder)
    Karin McKechnie ... Townswoman (uncredited)
    Morgane Slemp ... (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    Jeffrey Schenck story
    Darren Benjamin Shepherd screenplay (as Darren B. Shepherd)
    Peter Sullivan story

    Produced by
    Barry Barnholtz .... producer
    J. Arthur Coley .... line producer
    Bonnie Comley .... executive producer
    Michael Feifer .... producer
    Diane Healey .... associate producer
    Stewart Lane .... executive producer
    Jeffrey Schenck .... producer
    Peter Sullivan .... co-producer

    Original Music
    Andres Boulton

    Roberto Schein

    Car tire tracks in grass when father confronts the sons about what happened and how the younger got shot.

    Audio/visual unsynchronised
    Throughout the film, the gunshots make weak popping sounds that readily identify the cartridges as blanks. Actual guns of the period were mostly of .44 and .45 caliber, which were very loud when fired.

    Memorable Quotes

    Filming Locations
    Paramount Ranch - 2813 Cornell Road, Agoura, California, USA
    Santa Clarita, California, USA

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Wyatt Earp's Revenge is a Western film about the legendary lawman Wyatt Earp
    sitting down having an interview with a reporter in Los Angeles
    and talks about his first ride to find the person who killed his first love.
    The film was released on March 6, 2012 in the United States.
    The movie is based on the legendary Old West lawman.
    The film will be produced by Jeff Schenck and Barry Barnholtz and directed by Michael Feifer.

    This by all accounts looks like another one to miss!!
    Wooden acting, poor scripting, poor cinematography,
    are just a few points made by critics!

    If this is the case I am sad that Val Kilmer who stole Tombstone
    from Kurt Russell, should have even considered this movie!
    I hope I am wrong!!

    User Review

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Keith - As far as I can tell, Val Kilmer is the only name that is even remotely familiar to me.
    There are already enough good movies about Wyatt Earp without someone making an inferior product. Just tends to give the good ones a bad name!

    Cheers - Jay:beer:
    "Not hardly!!!"

  • another crap movie,val kilmer playing an older wyatt is good but the rest of the acting is so wooden and poor one wonder why kilmer did this movie.