THREE BAD MEN: John Ford, John Wayne, Ward Bond

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  • I missed this from May 22nd........just found it. Funny Scott didn't mention it in our emails.......probably waiting for a well deserved "atta boy", LOL. Anyway, once out, it will go on the website. KEITH

    From Scott, author of Three Bad Men

    • I just did a 70-minute interview about THREE BAD MEN for a new TV GUIDE magazine. I forgot about it, and was half asleep, but I mustered up enough energy to talk about Pappy, Duke and Judge! My only copy of the book is packed up in a moving box!

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • If that interview is ever available online I sure would like a link to it!

    Hi There Irish, my fine fellah! Since I had no idea about this until a few hours ago.....I have NO IDEA, LOL. However, I have a call in and should be finding out soon. It may have just been an interview for something they are going to write. But, I will see what I can do. Should be talking to the Feature manager either later or in the morning. Sure would be fun to hear an interview with Scott on his favorite subject, LOL! KEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • This morning Three Bad Men was 80 out of about 400,000 books on Amazon....not too shabby!

    Had a problem putting in a review from a while I will put it in now along with a couple of others.

    This is from Sean Gill at…ee-bad-men-john-ford.html His blog is very diverse. You can find a little of everything here.

    This is from Carla, one of the ADMINS on Save the Quiet Man Cottage.
    It is our own Carla's review of Three Bad Men. Super Job Carla, and thanks so much for taking so much time from your busy schedule. Hope you are feeling better soon. KEITH Carla will be posting this in a great many places. and the next is below

    Well, we have another review for Three Bad Men. This is from Laura's Miscellaneous Musings written by Laura Grieve. Looks as if I was lucky enough to choose some good folks as each is finding a little something different about the book.
    Here is Laura's Offering:


    She is a Ward fan also. KEITH

    Laura's Miscellaneous Musings: Book Review: Three Bad Men: John Ford, John Wayne, Ward Bond

    Please excuse the small letters....haven't figured out how to make them larger yet. KEITH When you read them, please leave a comment for the Author of the Review. Thanks. Ah, you have to go to Advanced!

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • I have just finished reading Three Bad Men by Scott Nollen. Keith has asked me to write a book review, and I have done my best, but I am not a pro at this by any stretch of the imagine. At any rate, in case you're interested, here it is:

    Three Bad Men – A Review

    I am not a professional book reviewer, but I do know what I like and what I don’t like, and I can say without hesitation I really like “Three Bad Men,” the newest book by Scott Allen Nollen.
    “Three Bad Men” is not a book about celebrity, although three of the greatest celebrities ever to come out of Hollywood are the subject of it. And it is not a tell-all book exposing all the juicy dirt on three famous people. “Three Bad Men” deals in facts and does not gloss over their faults or unpleasant aspects of their lives. This is a book is about the relationship between three men. Three friends whose relationship with each other was far from perfect, far from storybook, but it was what it was. They were human just like the rest of us, and they were imperfect, just like the rest of us, and in spite of everything they managed to create some of the best of the best that Hollywood has ever produced.

    Both John Ford and John Wayne have had numerous biographies written about them. This is the first time, however, that a biography of Ward Bond has ever appeared in print, and Scott Allen Nollen steps up to the plate and does a wonderful job of presenting the first ever biographical history of one of the greatest character actors in Hollywood history. And that, in itself, is no small feat, as there are a plethora of Ward Bond fans out there. Including myself. In fact, I live smack dab in the middle of Ward Bond country – Benkelman, Nebraska – the birthplace of Ward Bond. So we tend to have a certain bias toward our local boy who did good.

    But what is most impressive about Nollen’s biographical work concerning Ward Bond, is that it is genuine, and it presents the “real” Ward Bond, just as it presents the “real” John Ford and John Wayne.
    Ford and Wayne biographers tend to fall into one of three categories: Those who have a patent dislike of them and tend to spin their biographies to highlight their negative biases (such as Gary Wills and Richard Jensen), those who are fans and who tend to gloss over the “warty” aspects of these men (such as Michael Munn and Jean Ramer), and then there are those who focus on the whole and complete unvarnished truth – both good and bad (such as Joseph McBride, Olson and Roberts, and others). Scott Allen Nollen falls squarely into this third category, and he does a remarkably fine job of presenting these “Three Bad Men” in all their unvarnished glory. And that is what I like best about this book.

    Nollen not only talks about their lives apart from each other, but also about their lives together, something no biographer has ever really examined before. And without that type of biographical examination, one cannot hope to understand these three men as completely as Nollen obviously does.

    He gives some refreshing insights to the early parts of their careers and of those who influenced them as well. I particularly liked what Nollen had to say about the wonderful character actor Lincoln Perry (Stepin Fetchit), and the way he dealt with Ford’s anti-racism and pro-minority feelings.

    I like to think that I am fairly knowledgeable when it comes to John Wayne, having been a dyed-in-the-wool Wayne Fan for the past several decades, but I must admit that while reading Nollen’s book, I found myself saying “I didn’t know that” more times than I care to admit! Nollen includes so many first hand accounts and on the scene comments from those who not only knew these men, but who were also there during some of the more important periods of their lives, that he gives his readers the sense of being there themselves.

    He includes detailed notes as well as a complete index, and so gives his book the necessary elements to easily become a researchers dream. Nollen also includes three filmographies that I have never seen before. The first is a filmography of John Ford’s projects (film, television, etc) that feature either Wayne or Bond, or both. The next two have never been featured anywhere before – the “Films of Ward Bond,” and the “Television Performances of Ward Bond.” I cannot thank Scott Nollen enough for putting these together. It is high time someone did, and Nollen did a great job on them, as he did with the rest of his book.

    “Three Bad Men” is a must have book for any fan of Ford, Wayne or Bond; and it is essential reading for anyone who hopes to really understand these three men. I have heard it said that the book is somewhat pricey, but I have seen lesser biographies go for a lot more. I personally think it is well worth the price. If you haven’t read it yet, you need to. If you haven’t picked up your own copy yet, do it as soon as you can. I have already read mine from cover to cover, and I cannot wait to read it again!

    [FONT=&quot]Three Bad Men: John Ford, John Wayne, Ward Bond by Scott Allen Nollen, foreword by Michael A Hoey, 398 pages Published 2013 by McFarland & Company, Inc – ISBN 978-0-7864-5854-7[/FONT]

    I also have it posted on my blog:…ree-bad-men-a-review.html

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  • Not bad, Bob. Almost like a professional book review. Could have fooled me. I got it on my want list, thinking I should stop wanting and start getting! Thanks for letting us all know how you enjoyed it.


    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "

  • Well, BOB, when I asked you to do it, I KNEW you would do a good job. All you have to do is take a look at your website! Glad you liked it..........hard not to if you want to really know what went on in the three men's lives. Still hoping Ethan Keith will find a way to read it......amazing that he hasn't yet. Might have something to do with the fact that I had something to do with it, LOL............hope not.

    I had him all set to be sent a book......not my fault McFarland sent PDFs to out of the country folks. Sure glad it didn't bother Colin in Greece..........he got his out almost as soon as he received it. Now THAT is a book reviewer, LOL!

    Things are winding down now. Still have a few to get their reviews in, and two magazines. Then, I will be done with this FREE project that took up hours of my time everyday since about Janurary, (no, I don't get a commission, LOL). Sure met some nice and VERY important people in this endeavour. In fact, should be signing a contract for a docu-drama soon.......has a advance too.....always nice.

    Thanks again Bob. Nice to have a great review from some one from JWMB!..............oops forgot Bill's............he got his in early, and posted it a lot of places that counted.

    I have a feeling this will become the primary resource for Pappy. This will be the FIRST book to read for research as it explains his life with "his boys". Then, the others will be read. If fact, some folks about to write about Pappy, Duke, whatever, will hopefully see the reviews and read Three Bad Men first. Otherwise, by the time they get to it in their research.........they will have to change whole basic concepts. Yep, this book is THE book now. Oh, another may come out down the road that is better, (can't imagine how), but for now.......Three Bad Men: John Ford, John Wayne, and Ward Bond is the "Bible". About time!

    Still would like to hear ETHAN KEITH's take on the book. I mean......that is his purpose here.......and he has done an awful lot of new people "bios" lately, which is always great. Maybe that is why he hasn't really given us a review on the book. If he did, and I missed it............sorry...........have not had the time to keep up with JWMB as I used to, and also.......I get totally lost just trying to FIND things on the new format, LOL!

    Again Bob.......great review, and thank you ever so much. KEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Not bad, Bob. Almost like a professional book review. Could have fooled me. I got it on my want list, thinking I should stop wanting and start getting! Thanks for letting us all know how you enjoyed it.


    LOL, Mark, you have had it on your list for quite some time. Save pennies,.......they mount up quickly, you know!

    Guess what I got as a surprise in the mail?

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • LOL, Mark, you have had it on your list for quite some time. Save pennies,.......they mount up quickly, you know!

    Guess what I got as a surprise in the mail?

    Strange, that has happened to me quite a few times since the new format. There MUST be a key that if you hit by sends the mail. Oh well.............I just keep trying and hope for the best with this new thing, LOL!

    Anyway, I got a BLUE RAY PLAYER!. Peter, (Dooley), sent it to me. I am just so have to hit Wally World and find some of those $5 blue rays I have been seeing. Dang, I wish I had bought them back then.

    Hope you and your family are OK........Oops, off subject, sorry. Sure would love for YOU to read the book and write a review. I will post it on my blog and website. Hugs to all, KEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • I'll get the book when I am able, Keith. Those pennies don't go near far enough anymore. I have heard enough now that I will surely get it. I am glad to hear you have BR player now. Do you have a 1080p Hi-def TV? You do know that those $5 dollar BR DVD's will be gone now that you have the player. lol. Always seems to work out that way.


    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "

  • Spoke to Courtney Joiner the other day. He read Three Bad Men and liked it. So far, he has only published a short review on Amazon, but I will put up what he posts on his other outlets. Should be getting Mike Siegel's one soon and the Q and A from Directed by John Ford. Hope all of you have enjoyed it. Would love for you to put your thoughts on here. Even if you didn't like it, LOL! If you don't know Courtney, Google him..........he has written some really good things. Here is his site: KEITH

    And here is what he put on Amazon:

    Well researched, and well served, September 3, 2013
    C. Courtney Joyner "Olcourt"

    This review is from: Three Bad Men: John Ford, John Wayne, Ward Bond (Paperback)
    I'm very glad that this book exists, as it sheds light on the triangle of friendship/workship between Ford, Wayne, and Bond, as they created some of the best films ever made. THREE BAD MEN has stirred some comments, and some controversy, which is as it should be, since these men led controversial lives, particularly as we look at them in retrospect. However, the point the book brings up is that their achievements, both together and as individuals, shouldn't be muddled by a view of who we think the men were personally, especially because of their politics, which were also more complex than we've been given to believe in other works. Ford, Wayne and Bond are difficult topics to cover, as I know from my own writings, because the opinions on the men as men differ so wildly, and everything is now lost to memory. As an example, writer/director Burt Kennedy, who had a good relationship with Ford, and one he could laugh through with Wayne, couldn't stand Bond. Or, Ford's support of Joseph Mankiewicz when he was being hounded by the right-wing of the DGA, led by Cecil B. DeMille, to step down as president. Ford stood up for J.M., which many say saved his position at the DGA, but still maintained his friendship with DeMille. A contradiction, as is the fact that Wayne and Ford both inspired amazing loyalty in co-workers, even when making things tough on set, sometimes for everyone, and sometimes for each other. THREE BAD MEN addresses the pieces of this puzzle, that don't always fit neatly together.
    Today, the common thinking about Wayne, Ford and Bond is that they saw everything in terms of stark, simple contrasts, with no grays in between, which isn't true. They were complex men, who achieved greatness, but also paid some prices along the way. THREE BAD MEN book serves its subject well, by showing us the deep, sometimes damning, friendship of three icons of American movies.

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE