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    Between 1951-1958, (besides movies he starred in),
    Duke also produced several films, under the Wayne/Fellows Productions name
    which later became Batjac Productions

    Some of these movies are highly rated by film critics,
    and now classed as film noir.
    In order to further complete Duke's comprehensive work,
    each movie is profiled.

    1951.Bullfighter and the Lady. (Wayne-Fellows/Republic)
    1953. Plunder of the Sun.(Wayne-Fellows/WB)
    1954. Ring of Fear.(Wayne-Fellows/WB)
    1954. Track of the Cat.(Wayne-Fellows/WB)
    1956.Goodbye My Lady.(Batjac/WB)
    1956. 7 Men from Now.(Batjac/WB)
    1956.Gun the Man Down aka Arizona Mission. (Batjac/UA)
    1956.Man in the Vault.(Batjac/RKO)
    1958. China Doll.(Batjac/Romina/UA)
    1958. Escort West.(Batjac/Romina/UA)

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