DMMW #4: Wake Of The Red Witch

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  • This month's Duke Monthly Movie Watch (DMMW) is: Wake Of The Red Witch (1948)

    How it works: Here is the basics, each month on the first of each month we'll post a new Duke Wayne movie in this forum for all of us to watch. The hope is that you'll have a chance to sit down and watch the chosen movie within the first week or two of the month and share your thoughts, or insights of that movie here in this thread. I'm hoping that doing this will generate greater appreciation for the movie of the month.

    I realize that many of the movies will not be available online to watch via the forum, so many of the movies will have to be watched either by DVD that you already own OR you can choose to rent the movie online from Amazon streaming service or some other online movie streaming service.

    I found Wake Of The Red Witch on YouTube and is embedded below from YouTube so you should be able to watch it from this thread. If not let us know.

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