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    The Cowboys is one of my favorites, and one of the first John Wayne movies I owned. I fell in love with that guitar piece right away and did the research to find out what it is. It is by Vivaldi, and it is "Lute/Guitar concerto in D," and I believe it is the Largo movement. That should help you out.

    I am 23, and started appreciating John Wayne and his films about 5 years ago. My mom and my uncle are fans, but I didn't really know this until after I became a fan myself. Cable tv is probably what got me going on Duke's movies.

    As for why I became a fan, I am not sure that I could pinpoint the reason. I am kind of old fashioned in some of my thinking, and I enjoy a lot of older movies, but that would only explain some of why I would be drawn to John Wayne. I think there was just a certain "something" about him that makes me want to watch his movies, even the not so good ones, and want to know more and more about him.