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    Really enjoyed this movie, i think among the Dukes best war films. Like the fact that Capt. Rockwell Torrey isn't always right, violating the order to zigzag resulting in the loss of his ship. The story dominates the people and thereby accommodates a wide range of characters, with neither one standing out too much from the rest.
    I've always enjoyed Brandon De Wilde's performances ever since Shane, also liked him in this film, however, he didn't seem quite right as John Waynes son.


    Being bought up in England, we off course didn't have drive in movie theaters (propably too much rain). I did have the experience of going to one whilst staying with friends in Toronto,June 1975, I remember getting snacks at the kiosk and placing a speaker into the car. Unfortunatly i don't remember what we saw, believe it was a historic drama set severall centuries ago, so it seemed strange having an aircraft fly over the screen!

    Bet they were great places to go for youngsters going steady in the 50's and 60's.


    I too am against all the bad language that has been in movies for the last few decades. As you say none of the stars and directors of yesterday had to resort to it.

    I am ashamed to admit that i do swear when things don't go as planed, but that does not to say mean that i like to be 'entertained' by it.


    This morning I took my wife and brother to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. After eating, we decided to browse through the retail store. Imagine my delight upon discovering a DVD with three episodes of the old TV series "Maverick", starring James Garner, which was one of my favorites many years ago. Naturally, I bought it and that's what I'll be watching tonight.

    Hi Stumpy,

    I agree Maverick was great, Assume it is the same as i have - episodes Shady Deal at Sunny Acres, Pappy and Gun-Shy. Did you know that on the 2 DVD set of Unforgiven there is another episode of Maverick,with a very young Clint Eastwood as a guest star, episode is Dual at Sundown.

    All the best,

    Something great to look forward to. For anyone on the Brittish side of the pond, the best way to get U.S. releases is direct to they are based in Philadelphia i have purchased dozens of dvd's from them. they are reliable and even with postage added, they are still cheaper than Britain. Of course you have to make sure that your dvd player will play region 1, however they are usually easily converted.


    Hi Arthur,

    It was good to see that photo again. When i was 14, not particulary a Wayne, but definatly a western fan, this was the picture amongst others that were shown outside the cinema, and it was through this picture that persuaded me to go in and see the movie, i wasn't disapointed.

    Reference the earlier posting, i assume that this film isn't included in the cavalry trilogy because they were made within a fairly short time scale, and devoted more to the expansion of the west, as against the civil war. Just a thought.


    Watched 'Big Jim McLain' on British t.v. recently. I thought it was a good action movie. James Arness actually made Duke look short!!
    Personnely i prefer to see a movie that was shot in black and white in its original format, not too keen on colorisation.


    Have just purchased a new 2 disc release of The Searchers. On the 2nd disc it has a very good extra, An Appreciation, featuring Curtis Hanson, John Milins and Martin Scorsese. They all speak very highly of the movie and how it affected them when they first saw it. Also it has an introduction by Patrick Wayne filmed at a location used in the film. The new digital transfer is also the best ive seen. This was purchased in Scotland, but presumably it's available over the pond!


    Robbie, this is a little off the topic (I can't think of more actors/actresses from the UK aside from the ones already mentioned), but I am curious about Goodnight, Mr. Tom, as I am reading the book right now. Is this a TV program or a movie? I'm really enjoying the book.

    Mrs. C :angel1:

    Goodnight, Mr. Tom was a BBC film which starred John Thaw.


    I thought he was perfect as the supercilious leftenant in "Zulu". Of course, I liked Stanley Baker as Leftenant Chard and the guy who played the Colour Sergeant much better. I also liked him in "Battle of Britain", "Victory" and "The Cider House Rules". But other than those four films, I agree his acting skills leave much to be desired.

    I thought he was good in Kidnaped 1971, he actually used a believable scottish accent in it.

    Hey Chris,
    I think I shall petition my Congressional representatives to grant you and all our other Duke fans across the water honorary citizenship, such as was granted to my favorite PM.
    Believe me when I say that I also value the close relationship this country has with the UK and any other countries that choose to display their friendship for America. In these trying times, it means more than you'll ever know.

    Thank you ,Jim. Nothing would make me happier than to be an honorary citizen of America.

    Scottish Highlands

    Great early movie, and quite unique having 2 king of the cowboys ( athough we know who the real king is) in the same film. Does anyone know why the title is now 'Dark Command' instead of 'The Dark Command'?

    (Scottish Highlands)

    Living in Britain i don't know too much about Jane Fonda except 'Cat Ballou' which i enjoyed, and her brother Peter's movie 'Easy Rider' which i didn't like. However i am a great admirer of their dad, Henry.
    One thing i do know, is that i am very proud that my country the U.K. has a special relationship with my other favourite country the U.S. long may it continue. Being a kid in the 50's i was bought up on American rock'n'roll and a lot of the great t.v. series such as 'Gunsmoke', 'Cheyenne', Wagon Train', Rawhide', '77Sunset Strip' and dozens more. I love the States, and am pleased to say that i shall be back over this June, visiting Tennessee for Gracelands, the Smoky Mountains and some cival war sites.



    Its great to join a site devoted to J.W. I have been a big fan since watching Stagecoach on tv in the 50's. I am now at the grand old age of 61 and live in the Gairngorms National Park in the highlands of Scotland, but originally from Kent in England. Have visited Newport Beach, Cal. and driven all over the west including one of my favouite places - Monument Valley.
    You'll have to blame The Ringo Kid for me finding you, as he recommended this board on IMDB'S western thread, so thanks Ringo!
    Looking forward to many hours on this site from now on.