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    Hi Tinker and welcome to the board! You in the company of a GREAT bunch of guys and gals. Jump in and have fun. :wink_smile:

    Let's see, other hobbies....I found this old thread while doing a search for motorcycles, which by the way is my hobby...I love riding my Harley Davidson Vrod Muscle. Are there any other motorcycle riders on here???

    I also found a few links (in case you missed it) to some pics Chester posted way back when regardin Duke and bikes:…=gallery&path_key=0066831…%202b/waynemotorcycle.jpg

    Hope that worked.

    I also make beaded jewelry and do the craft show circuit, although since college started I've had to stop (no time)...looking forward to getting back into it once I'm done though.

    It is absolutely beautiful here in SC today, sunny and warm. Supposed to get near 70 - Spring is certainly on the way and time to wax the Harley WOO! HOO!

    Thanks sweetie!! Glad to be back....I missed you guys and gals. I have to say that those reminders really work!! LOL!

    Welcome back, ladybug. We kept your seat warm for you. Stop in when time and energy permits, we'll be here.


    I'll do my best. How have you been Keith??? I only have one more semester of college left then I am done (been three long years) - that and work have kept me away.

    Hi Everybody!!! Man, it has been such a LONG TIME since I've been on here....way to much going on in my life lately. I wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone and let you know I'm back in cyberspace. WOO HOO! It is going to take a while to catch up with everyone. Hope you all have been well. See ya on the board. :)

    When you get out a new roll of toilet paper and have to waist three or four rounds just trying to find where the darn thing actually starts.

    When you buy a pack of sodas that has the plastic strip around it that you are supposed to be able to grab the tab at the end and pull all the way across and it will release all the ones on that side - NOT!!!! Has anyone EVER experienced this ACTUALLY happening properly - NO

    When you have been thinking about ordering a certain item at your favorite restaurant for a week and finally you are at the table - I'll have the potatoe crusted salmon - I'm sorry - WERE OUT OF SALMON tonight!

    My biggest one lately has (and this is in no way a personal attack on anyone here that smokes) been while I'm riding my motorcycle. It makes my heart sing when I'm cruising down the road and the person in the car in front of me rolls down the window and flips out a lit cigarette butt. Not good. Not good at all.

    I grew up in a brand new "subdivision" with young families and they all had two or three kids. We were outside from daylight to sundown, just as stated, and if you heard dad whistling for you, gosh darn you were late and you best get your behind home. I remember playing kick the can, all the neighborhood boys would get scraps of wood from their dads and construct the biggest, most terrifying looking bike ramps on the planet and take turns one by one jumping - basically to see who would survive the landing, I remember hearing the ice cream truck pull into the neighborhood and the excruciatingly long wait for it to get to our house, the spur of the moment theatrical performances me and my little friends would put on for the moms on the street, having a picnic in the front yard, 15 to 20 kids standing at the top of the hill laughing, falling down and rolling like logs down the side of the hill and letting the mayhem ensue.

    OMG! Those were the best days ever! :teeth_smile:

    I'm listening to silence at the moment. Came in early to actually get some work done, but all that will change in an hour! (doesn't look like I'm working much though, huh?) :teeth_smile: