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    I believe I shared my story about being the daughter of Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. with my friends here years ago. My father and John Wayne were friends and my father even loaned the Duke the money to by one of his homes. There is a recent development since I first shared this. Hollywood Producer/Director, Douglas Wellman, has written a second edition to his book, "Boxes: The Secret Life of Howard Hughes." This book tells the true story of how my father had faked his death in 1976, and lived on until 2001. I contacted Doug after I read his first edition. I also found another brother, John MacDonald, who's grandfather of record, Archie MacDonald, was Hughes Sr's, right hand man; and who also worked for Jr. Doug paid to have our dna tested and it proved that we are siblings. This 2nd edition tells a small part of our stories. It has a picture of my son and his Grandpa Hughes at around the same age, and John and our father. Doug has a Facebook page by the books title with a link that shows me kneeling at dad's grave. I amBilly & Grandpa Hughes.jpgDad & John.jpg very curious to know the full story of the Duke's and my father's friendship. If any of you know more, please share..

    Hello Darren, I don't know you, as I myself have been absent from the board for quite some time. I completely understand depression. It is something that we all have to deal with in our own way. What none of us can afford to do though is, allow it to consume us to the point that we lose all desire, and our ability to pull ourselves out of the funk. With all that's going on in the world, and the fact that there is little we can do to bring back our world as it was back in the good old days, we need to trust in God and His love, and hold one another up as well. It is the only way we will survive this life.

    I will pray for you Darren, and ask God to send His delivering Angels to lift you out of all that holds you down...You will discover that there is refuge here at Duke Wayne, and there are several wonderful people here that truly care about the members.

    Keep the faith,


    Man: Now, I know my daughter isn't no where near the best looking gal this side the picketwire, so on your wedding night...down this here bottle and she'll look mighty pretty enough.

    Girl: Dad! I'm tellin' Mom you said that.

    Man: You're mother's the one who bought the bottle.

    :))):I love this...It is sooo funny....


    Hi Mark,

    Yes, I read and have a copy of, "Heir Not Apparent." I actually communicated with Suzanne Finstad, and she advised me that I needed to get an attorney. I called and spoke with Ted Dinkins, at the law firm of Baker & Botts, himself. He was the attorney assigned to find the lost heirs and represent them. Because this is an on going situation, I cannot say more on that here.

    I really appreciate your kindness in not thinking I am a nut...I might be crazy, but, I am not a money hungry, lying, or insane fool. :)

    As I have expressed, this is very personal and breaks my heart. My daughter is taking her dad to the movies tomorrow night. Witnessing that is bitter sweet for me, because it is something I was never able to do with my father. And I never will have ANY daddy-daughter experiences or sweet memories of being with him. I would rather have discovered that my dad was homeless and living on the streets. At least I could have found him, taken him in my arms, and let him know, that even if he felt worthless, he was priceless to me!


    I am ready to take this to the next level, so to speak. First, let me address the DNA comment. Yes, WaynamoJim, you are correct. If we could get our hands on some DNA proven to be that of Howard Hughes, the battle would be over. However, the current heirs will not allow it to be tested, if, in fact, the lab here in Houston has his true DNA. This is a VERY long story, one that is most personal and painful. I am extremely private and defensive when it comes to all of this.

    You see, my dear friends, John MacDonald, may very well be the son of Hughes, but, I am the daughter. John's grandfather worked with Hughes Sr. and he watched Jr. grow up. Thing is, Archie MacDonald, was not actually John's grandfather, but rather, Hughes Sr., was. Hughes Jr., had been with Betty Ann Rockwell, John's mother. And as you can see from the photo, Jr., left her a little surprise on one of those dates! You can read more about John's family and his tragic beginning in life in a book called, "Family Secret", by Warren Hull. He also has a Facebook page under that title.

    My mother was mentioned in several books on Hughes. Her brother-in-law, was the nephew of Ella Rice, Hughes' first wife. Uncle Rice would help Hughes find young girls along with his friend, Jerry Reed. And no, it's not the singer. There is a book called, "Howard Hughes in Las Vegas", where it says, "Jerry Reed has a photo of Howard and a young girl named Barbara, who had told her mother that they were married, although she never knew his true identity."

    I have some other people who know about me. One is a Hollywood producer/director, Douglas Wellman, and a General, Mark Musick. Together they investigated a story and wrote a bok that came out last year called, "Boxes." It is a story that I totally believe about how Hughes had faked his death and took another mans identity and lived with a woman named Eva. She even had photos. I also have a private investigator who became my dearest friend, James Spiller, who worked with Houston attorney, George Parnham on the Mormon will case. Parnham has met with me as well.

    There is too much of this story to write here and much is still being investigated so there is a lot that I cannot discuss at this time. John and I are up against some very powerful people so the odds are against us. God is on our side so our hope is in Him. We need your prayers!

    For now I felt it was time to share this about myself with the rest of my friends here. Some already knew...They treated my secret with respect and showed only love for me and did not make jokes about it, and for that I am so grateful. You know who you are, and I love you dearly...


    Hello friends, below is something a friend just sent to me, you probably know this but I wanted to make sure...Cindy

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