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    I appreciate ytour comment about Maureen O'Hara in the "The Shootist", instead of Bacall. I would have preferred M.O. to Bacall as the leading lady. I thought Bacall was good, but I think M.O. could have given the character more edge and flavor. Plus, her firey hair would have matched Ron Howard's red better!!

    Although we don't have gender based definite articles and modifiers, we do randomly assign genders to some nouns. As an example, the U.S. is referred to as a female (despite Uncle Sam).

    I'll add my Y.O.B. It's 1958. The second year of the Edsel. I was born the week, if not the day, Richard Nixon got pelted with tomatoes in Guatamala. Anyone wanna guess?

    I agree absolutely with what you say about Hollywood and the King books. I remember a few years ago reading "Pet Cemetery" in one sitting, finishing about 2:30am, and not being able to get any sleep that night. A few years later when the movie came out, I almost puked at how bad and laughable it was.