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    This is why I do not post so much on this board anymore. Far too much "Off topic" JUNK to read through before you get to anything interesting or to the point.

    MODERATORS Can't you filter out or at least move this so that the thread reamins about what it says it is and nothing else? PLEASE!

    Well the reply was swift short and to the point!!! I have copied it here.

    I still think it is worth others emailing this guy with the same request.

    From: Lubliner, Roni (NBCUniversal) [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: 17 June 2013 18:09
    To: Elly
    Subject: RE: Adventure's end 1937 starring John Wayne

    HI Elly,

    If it hasn’t been up until now, it never will.


    And I for one am glad you are reactive. :^) Your insights and posts on the early days are part of what drew me here.

    Thank you.

    Look out for a small write -up I am just about finishing on the early days and my research into that.

    hoping to get it posted in the next few weeks.

    Hello Rob

    I have this information re Brown of Harvard

    “…among them Francis X. Bushman (for whom Duke had doubled in Brown of Harvard while still a USC student)” Page 118

    Brown of Harvard (MGM 1925)…Duke cited this as his first appearance on film, a collegiate football picture in which he doubled on the playing field for Francis X. Bushman jr. Pexy Eckles was an extra in the grandstand scenes. Neither received billing” Page 389
    Shepherd, Donald and Slatzer, Robert withGrayson, Dave. Duke the Life and times of John Wayne, Sphere books UK, 1986. ISBN 0751507814. Donald Shepherd, Robert Slatzer and DaveGrayson were all personal friends of John Wayne. Slatzer (as Robert F Slatzer) was thedirector of No Substitute for victory,a documentary in which John Wayne was the narrator. Dave Grayson, as John Wayne’s personal makeup artist was on set with Duke for every film he made in the last 15 years of his life. Mr. Grayson kept extensive journals, which together with his personal recollections, were used in this book.

    “The film is noteworthy as the first known screen appearance of John Wayne (then still known as Marion Morrison). He and several other USC footballers served as stand-ins for the actors. Wayne doubled for Francis X. Bushman, Jr.” Page 54
    Landesman, Fred. The John Wayne Filmography, McFarland & Company, Inc.,2007. ISBN 0786432527.

    “Wayne can be seen on the football field as number 17.”

    “[Duke] did some extra work in films like Brown of Harvard.”
    John Waynestory the early years Video documentary 2001 GT Media

    Hope this helps


    I am surprised Universal would say they do not own the copyright to Adventure's End.

    Universal Pictures Co., Inc. renewed the film's copyright on September 21, 1965 (renewal number R368573), about two months before the initial 28-year expiration.

    It could be that the person at Universal who phoned you is simply wrong, or legal claim to the film was subsequently sold outright to another entity (e.g. a television distributor).

    As Bob got this email as the Universal contact from LOC

    Email: [email protected]

    I think we should ALL email this guy and quote Neil above and ask when it will be released on DVD using LOC reference copy. Who knows if enough people nag him he may just do something if only to stop the email coming!

    My granny always said "Shy bairns get nowt"

    So this is the email I just sent

    Hello Mr Lubliner

    Please can you advise when Adventure's end 1937 starring JOHN WAYNE will be released onto DVD. I am asking on behalf of myself and the thousands of other JW fans who would love to buy this and indeed see it. One of the few remaining JW films not released.

    I have this information from Library of Congress who hold a reference copy and below that information from US Copyright Offices stating that Universal renewed the copyright.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you in advance for your assistance.

    kind regards

    Elly Reid


    We have the following 35mm element for ADVENTURE'S END (1937) in our collection:

    ADVENTURE'S END (1937)
    MAVIS: 1669
    LC CALL NUMBER: FPD 1576-1582 (composite master positive)

    At this time we do not have a viewable print of the film, but a reference copy can be made available for on-site viewing only.

    Duplication of ADVENTURE'S END required written permission from Universal Pictures:

    Universal Studios Media Licensing
    100 Universal City Plaza, 1440/15
    Universal City, CA 91608 USA
    Contact: Roni Lubliner
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: (818) 777-1273
    Fax: (818) 866-2399
    Web site: <>

    I hope this information is helpful.


    Josie Walters-Johnston
    Reference Librarian
    Moving Image Section
    Library of Congress
    [email protected]


    Universal Pictures Co., Inc. renewed the film's ( Adventure's end 1937) copyright on September 21, 1965 (renewal number R368573), about two months before the initial 28-year expiration.

    Wonderful pictures and a great article thanks!

    Does anyone know of a published bio on Andy Devine


    of him actually saying he was one of the stunt swimmers in Noah's Ark?

    I know JW said that he and Andy were stunt swimmers but it would be nice to have confirmation from Andy as well.

    thanks Elly

    Thanks Elly, I'll amend it,
    Just going on what the general internet had to say.
    Please continue to keep an eye open on these
    rare movies, so we can strive to show correct movie status

    Hi Keith

    I prefer to keep both eyes open when I am watching them LOL

    I will email you a list of JF films 1925 -1931 with notes whether they are lost or not


    Hello Keith

    This is not lost I watched it a couple of weeks ago! A fairly good print of it I got from


    Well, it seems the folks at the Warner Archive have recently released another movie with a JW bit role, as Noah's Ark (1928) is now available on DVD. They previously had released College Coach (1933) and Central Airport (1933) as well.

    I have recently received and watched the Warner archive version of Noah's ark.

    IMHO it is no better than the copy I already had on DVD recorded from TV (MOMA restored version).

    Warner version is the MOMA restored version on DVD-R or DVD+R (always get these mixed up sorry) No extras etc.

    BUT at least there is an official DVD of this film out there so some progress.

    Hello Everyone

    Not exactly a "Duke book" but a place to buy at great discounts!

    I ordered this last week (cannot wait to read it!)

    Lloyd Hamilton: Poor Boy Comedian of Silent Cinema (Paperback)
    By Anthony Balducci

    I just got an email from the company offering me 10% off everything I order and telling me they have refunded 10% off this book as a promo was not applied correctly.

    WELL! The book was discounted by 20% when I ordered it so now I have gotten a total of 30% OFF and the company do


    I am well pleased! Not only a great book judging by the reviews but a great price!