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    Both "Pork Chop Hill" and "A Bridge Too Far" were anti-war films.

    Neither Peck nor Attenborough would ever have made a film that justified war in any way. The far left Peck actually made Pork Chop Hill because he wanted to make a strong anti-war statement during the stupid Cold War.

    Figures. :glare:

    About the only capable actors picked are Depp, Crowe and Nicholson.

    Al Pacino is way overrated. De Niro aint far behind. The Looney twins (aka) cLOONEY and Penn-head, are way too big for their britches and paid way too much for their dribble. Penn CAN act and was a favorite of Charles Bronson, however, he's still a loser in his movies. I can't stand cLOONEY's mumbling that passes for acting. Hoffmann simply needs to retire to Pitcairn Island. Di Caprio aint that good either. Titanic will be his all-time ""Big"" picture. As for Matt Damon, he reminds me of a boy's head on a man's body. I don't dislike him and liked him in The Bourne Identity but, I think he needs to take it a bit slower-so he can become a better person in movies and be able to retaina "'fan-ship"" of somekind.

    The only sense in which Pacino is overrated is his more flamboyant performance of the last decade. Just watch "The Godfather Part II" and "Dog Day Afternoon" and you will witness some of the greatest acting ever. De Niro has only disappointed me with some of the mediocre films he's appeared in since 1995.

    Clooney thoroughly deserved his Oscar for taht great movie "Syriana", having seen that at the cinema there is no doubt he can actually act. His friend Brad Pitt is also underrated.

    DiCaprio is arguably the best young actor in Hollywood today, and his performance in Scorsese's masterpiece "The Departed" is more memorable than Jack's. "Titanic" was probably his least interesting film, and caused many people to wrongly dismiss him as just a sex symbol.

    As for Matt, I don't really understand what you mean by him needing to play better people. Surely it is an actor's job to play all kind of parts?

    Well I've just lost a lot of respect for Gordon after he refused to call an election. I was an active Conservative at school but not with Cameron leadsing the party. I guess Brown wants him to remain there for another three years, instead of a real leader like David Davis.

    Any link to this great source. At least Duke's popularity still remains. I would doubt anyone under 30 could tell you who Gable and Crosby were.


    To be honest Mike I doubt if many people under the age of 30 know who John Wayne was. Last year I was speaking to some teenage girls and they had absolutely no idea who I meant when I mentioned his name. My own best friend at school had never heard of him until we watched "The Searchers" one Christmas.

    Also the 1999 remake of "The Thomas Crown Affair" starring Pierce Brosnan is far better than the very dated original with Steve McQueen, although I accept that film may have seemed good forty years ago.

    The 1950 remake of "Treasure Island" starring Robert Newton was much better than the Americanized 1934 original starring Wallace Beery. It's a pity they couldn't get Freddie Bartholomew to play Jim Hawkins instead of the American Jackie Cooper.

    I can see we are going to disagree on this... I cannot see

    Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, George Clooney, and Matt Damon being included in the same class as Pacino, De Niro, and Nicholson. Let alone saying they are better than or equal to actors like Fonda, Grant, Stewart, Wayne, Gable, etc...

    Fonda I will agree on. Grant, Stewart, Wayne and especially Gable just played the same part in everything. As Brando correctly said, the only old actor who is still worth watching was Spencer Tracy. You can still admire Tracy's modern acting compared to the dated acting to those around him.

    Oh I don't know, Flynn was a handsome man but he didn't have the King's screen presence or charisma.

    Clark Gable has sold the most movie tickets, followed by Duke and Bing Crosby. "Gone with the Wind" is still the most successful film in that respect.

    Duke was right, Arness was never going to be a big star in the movies, only on television. And not just because he was so tall. That scene with him coughing was so annoying. He also overplayed his part in "Big Jim McLain".

    Flynn would have been superb as Ashley Wilkes, unlike the too old and unattractive Leslie Howard. Gable was pretty bad in "Mutiony on the Bounty", playing Christian with an American accent. Then again, it's no wonder since he absolutely hated both Charles Laughton and Franchot Tone.

    Still, Gable was truly the greatest movie star of all time and has still sold more tickets than any other.