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    I've never understood that last bit. "Other things, Michaleen" Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

    I recently saw the Blu-Ray version. I have to admit: it is noticably better than the usual DVD. You can see the background in the church where Sean is at Mass. And all the colors are brighter than the DVD.

    Just saw The Quiet Man will be released on bluray on January 22, 2013. Here is the Info on this movie and yes I am excited for the finally release date for this movie. And there is more on the process that will maybe excite you on this release of this movie.

    Is this a good thing? Very excited.

    Cheers :cool: Hondo

    Is it a good thing? As I understand remastering, it means the video will be improved noticeably. It will certainly be nice to see more color and detail in the video. I see people upthread complaining about the audio, but I never noticed any problems with the audio of The Quiet Man.

    A wonderful strong scene is there Michaeleen sitting whit White O’Morn and been asked for saddle up Sean’s horse and he say. Saddle his horse? I´ll have no part in helping you to put more shame on her. Saddle his horse... Dam da dam da, diddle de da...

    Dam da dam da, diddle de da... aka The Rakes of Mallow



    I just finished watching The Quiet Man again - what other movie would I be watching on St. Patrick's Day?

    Something has got to be done to fix the master print of the film. I watched the DVD and the shadows are so dark there's nothing to see. The scene in the church where Sean meets Mary Kate looks like it was filmed in the dead of night.


    The contraption you ask about is an old fashioned steam tractor. In addition to pulling and plowing, the big wheels on the sides were connected to machines via large belts and used to provide power for operating them. These would be things like bailers and lifts.

    You can't tell from the way it's setup in the scene but it's possible they would have had a hay wagon hooked up to the back of it from bringing in hay. There aren't any belts on the wheels so they wouldn't have been using it to power other machinery.

    Ah! I remember as a little kid - a very little kid - my uncles tilting the hay trailer up and making the horse back up quickly to scoop the haystack -- what did they call it? It wasn't a stack. I forget now -- while they used a robe around the stack to pull it up onto the trailer.

    A few years later, using the lifter on the back of the tractor was much easier. :shades_smile:

    And these days it seems it's all silage.

    Thanks, Tbone.

    And thank you, Chester and the Mrs and Arthur for the welcome.

    A 17 page thread about "The Quiet Man"? :hyper: "The JWMB has become another word for heaven to me."

    Something I've always wondered about: just before the big fight Danaher and the boys are bringing in the hay. But what is that contraption with the fire inside? And why would they want a fire at all? What could they possibly be burning in a meadow full of dry hay? :huh: