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    Hi All I watched Twister last night. Starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton and it had me thinking about what it is like living in a part of the United States " tornado alley ". Nature can sure humble us in a short piece of time.

    Hi Jim yes I do live in Vancouver. It would have been great to meet you in North Van but perhaps your schedule was tight. I hope you had more sunshine then rain. it has been an amazing summer here but I know that they measure rainfall in feet not inches up in Alaska.

    Hi All I am new as in this member name but was here formerly as Kilo 6. I had tried to get a new password but it proved to be a challenge and so I would just read posts but did not post myself. Then I fell out of the habbit and it has been a while. I was sorry to hear about ChilliBill passing. I will miss his humor. take care Murray

    Hello All in one of my books about John Wayne there is mention of the animosity he felt towards Ward Bond and it quotes him in conversation with John Ford. The conversation goes something like " he's an a___ole " ( spoken by Duke ) reply by John Ford " yes but he's our a___ole " This was in the early stage of their working together. I have read the posts and unless I missed it I did not see mention of this. I liked Ward Bond in many roles and am going to have to get out my library and do some research to find this story. If memory serves Ward liked to play practical jokes and sometimes went to far for Dukes liking.

    Hello I had a pc go down and it had been so long since I had used a password it was long forgotten. I tried to sort this out by getting a new password but that did not work. I have finally gotten a new password and registered under this name -- The quiet man, which fits since it has been years from my last post. very sorry to read about Chilli Bill. Also that Ringo and Chester are not active. I hope they are ok. I have fond memories of my trip to Winterset and time spent with Jim ( Chester 7777 ) If anyone has heard from them I would be glad to hear about it. I have lots of catch up reading to do. take care Murray formerly affiliated as Kilo 6

    Hello take enough fresh asparagus to cover a cookie sheet one layer deep and drizzle olive oil over them sprinkle a bit of balsamic vinegar then sea salt. put in an oven preheated to 375. cook for 20 mins or to desired tenderness. quick and tasty try with your next BBQ