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    I like this movie, although it isn´t a classic John Wayne movie. Still enough action and interaction between the cast members to be enjoyable.

    I bought the American Blu Ray and the European version. Both have great picture quality.

    The American Blu Ray (Universal 2015, disc made in Mexico is printed on the cover) is an All Region disc that plays worldwide with no problems. It has got a whole lot of subtitles: English SDH, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Arabic, Brazilian Portugese, Greek, Hungarian, Portugese, Russian, Turkish and Thai.
    Audio is in English, French, German, Japanese, Brazilian Portugese, Russian.
    The extra's are not mentioned on the cover but they include the Original trailer.

    The European Blu Ray (The German version, by Koch Media from 2015 called "Die Unerschrokkenen-Hellfighters") has English and German audio and subtitles.
    The Extra's are:
    a German trailer
    the Original American trailer
    the American Making of featurette (in bad condition, about 10 minutes long)
    Excerpts from the German Super 8 release of the movie (about 7 minutes)
    Photogallery with posters and photos from the set.

    Rio Lobo is a movie I watched in several languages, whole on vacation in Spanish and French and on television in German. A very enjoyable movie, with a lot of flaws but still very entertaining.
    Strange that Chisum and Big Jake did a lot better at the box office and Rio Lobo wasn't that successfull.

    I don't know if this is the right place on this forum, but I am still looking for the Original Rio Lobo Pressbook.
    If someone has a spare US Pressbook to trade I would be very interested. It doesn't have to be 100 % complete.
    I have some other Original US Pressbooks from the '70s to trade, from Big Jake, Brannigan, McQ, The Cowboys and The Train Robbers

    Hi. I have just joined the forum. I have been a John Wayne fan since the '70s and still enjoy watching his movies over and over again. My favourite movie is El Dorado, the setting, the scenery, the atmosphere and the cast remains great even after all these years.