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    I always noticed that this Lone Star had something different about it. First, I was directed by Cullen Lewis, and he only directed this one out of all the Lone Stars. It also has an element of comedy to it, where JW hands Eddy Chandler his watch after the scuffle. JW being funny? You dont get much of THAT with the 16 Lone Stars. Also, two women in this one. The whole thing just has a different feel to it. Just my opinion.

    This was the first Lone Star I saw, and recorded it on a videorecorder (I was the first one I knew that had one -$1200 in the 70s!). The tape cassettes were $12/hr or 2 hrs for $20 as I recall. Long gone....
    Yakima Canutt keeps saying what sounds like "Hi, you, skookum fun" or something like that.