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    Can anyone identify this movie?
    It is a technicolor western. All I can remember is a scene where a man walks into a bar looking for someone. He cannot see the person he is looking for, but there is what appears to be a drunken indian slumped over a table with a blanket over his head. The man leaves the saloon, and 'indian' removes the blanket from his head. - he is the person who was being sought by the man who just left the bar!. It would be amazing if anyone knows the name of this film.


    I am trying to identify a technicolor western movie from many years ago. - It has never come up on day time TV.
    All i can remember, very clearly, is a really good scene, as follows.
    Someone walk into a saloon bar, looking for someone. (The person entering the saloon bar is the goodie, the person being sought is the baddie). The man who enters the bar looks around, and sees a drunk indian slumped over a table, with a blanket over his head. the man leaves the saloon. The "indian" takes the blanket of his head. - he is not a drunk indian; he is person who was being looked for.
    Any ideas?