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    Hey there folks. Great to be back. Just checking in and hope all is well. Try to be back soon. Been a busy time. Have some info that I am sure been posted but want to chime in. Have a great day folds.

    Cheers, Hondo Duke Lane

    I am back again on the saddle. Great to be back and love the new look. I love reading the old posts and seeing all the great things we talked about in the past. It brings back such great memories. I will be back soon like next day or two. Just wanted to say hello and see how all are doing.

    Cheers Hondo Duke Lane.

    And though I thought he was a fine man and actor, he was not my favorite and didn't care for him in the movie he did with Duke. But my favorite of him was in The Great Escape. R.I.P. Richard Attenborough. And I just remembered I also liked him in The Flight of the Phoenix with James Stewart.

    Cheers :cool: Hondo Duke Lane

    Although admittedly liking the series "Blue Bloods" very much, I sure don't care for the setting. I'm an old country boy and every time they show one of those New York skyline scenes (which is quite frequent), with miles and miles of skyscrapers, all filled with people, I give thanks to the Man above that I was lucky enough to have been born, raised and still living in a rural environment. I like my space. :wink_smile:

    You know Jim, I can't see you in one of those concrete jungles myself. You look to me more comfortable out on the range looking over the landscape with a good ole fashioned cup of coffee marveling how God could make such a breath-taking view. If you ever go to the city again (I'm sure you've been to one), I bet you will just choke to death. It is breath-taking! Maybe I'll get me a cup of coffee and just look to the west thinking what I miss that you see all the time. I'll be there soon enough buddy!

    Cheers :cool: Hondo

    Dance, Girl, Dance with Maureen O'Hara and Lucille Ball. I never seen this movie and though it was fun to watch, it was alright but not a keeper. Maureen is a dancer in the movie. She is not a good dancer, but we do know she is a singer and actress. Lucille was alright. See and forget it later and say you've seen it.

    Cheers :cool: Hondo

    I saw both of those at Walmart and picked them up. The TV Guide is full of Duke memories and looks to me like all his movie posters all the way back to the beginning. It is cool. Maybe check out Walmart.

    Cheers :cool: Hondo

    I find it funny that The Lone Ranger has its top billing to an Indian. I mean, with the title of movie and it stars Johnny Depp? You figure. Of course they did it with the very first Batman with Jack Nicholson as the Joker.

    Cheers :cool: Hondo