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    Stumpy, don't forget, you're judging a 40+ year old movie on 2009 standards. I do agree, though.

    Yesterday, I saw "Death Rides A Horse" with Lee Van Cleef. How that movie didn't win mutiple awards for the soundtrack is beyond me.

    Right now, I'm watching "North To Alaska." Not too bad. Oddball actress Capucine did a good job, but , alas, did the suicide thing. Too bad.

    I'm watching "In Old California" right now. I've always seen it as a semi comedy, and never miss a chance to see it.

    As with any John Wayne flick, I have my glass of bourbon and a Cuban cigar.

    None. It's not reality. Then again, I shed not a tear when my dad died, brother in law, sister in law, nope no tears. Then again, I don't laugh much either.

    Maybe it's from growing up abused and tortured. Alas, that is another topic for another thread.

    CBS did a terrible job. Frozen frames, mis-matched lip-sync...

    The acting was fine. Val looked like a beached whale, and couldn't carry a Boston accent. Trust me, I grew up there.

    There will be no Emmy for editing.

    That said, I did have some fun watching the film, and will probably watch the rest of it.

    In one scene when Wayne's shirt is wet, the shape is different a few times.

    I tried to watch it on AMC today. A commercial break every five to seven minutes. AMC was so much better a few years ago when it didn't run commercials. If Billy Mays yells at me one more time, I'm gonna snap.

    Yup, I said it.

    Thanks to Kevin's dilligent efforts, I'm finally here. Been trying to sign up for months. Thanks, Kevin.

    I'm 46, living in Tombstone, AZ. I dress up and play cowboy for the tourists, well, and for myself, daily.

    I'm into Cowboy Action Shooting, member of SASS. I just started acting in an Internet Western. I also do historical based gunfights at The O.K. Corral.

    I was put on this earth to mock people, including myself. Seems to work out well, living in a tourist trap.

    My posts may be offensive to, but not limited to:
    Blacks, whites, Asians, Italians, Irish, Latins, Eastern Europeans, people who think they're Elvis, people who think Elvis is alive, Elvis, Baptists, Catholics, Britney fans, Satanists, white trash, recycled trash, those that are polically correct, ugly people, pretty people, homosexuals, heterosexuals, nuns, asexuals, rabid dogs, dog lovers, rabid dog lovers, rabid lovers, lawyers, waste management technicians, people that actually feel a tingling sensation when using shampoo on half of the hair, young people, old people, dead people, democrats, republicans, anarchists, politicians girlfriends, politicians boyfriends, models, scientists, model scientists, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, you and what army, rock groups, Trekkies, nerds, fat brain surgeons, those who like their toilet paper sheets coming over the top, vegetables, minerals, stoics, people who say "duh" a lot, intellectuals, men who dress like women, women who dress like men, men who dress like women who dress like men, those who like their toilet paper with the sheets coming under the bottom, PBS, the MTV generation, baby boomers, hookers, fleas, ducks, fetish folks, mice, and the people who make commercials with women smiling about feminine hygene products.

    I took the pups for a stroll over the weekend to Little Boquillas Ranch. It's on the San Pedro River, near Fairbank, Contention City and Tombstone, AZ. A fair amount of "Red River" was filmed there. I'll tell ya, not a lot has changed, except the size of the trees. Well, that, and, sorry to disappoint, it's in color.

    Living here is great, I get to visit such places often. If anyone wants pics or info, whatever, of such things in my area, let me know, I'll see what I can do.