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    all it takes is a google search on their names together-dozens of articles pop up on her interview, it was for Under Seige 2. Seagal has made a few good movies, but he's a jerk in real life. Made the top ten list of actors others don't want to work with. All his movie now are terrible, and his ridiculous TV series is a complete joke.

    Why so negative?

    Gonna need some proof to convince me that Seagal ever did that to JM ;). Innocent until proven guilty in this country :).

    Jenny McCarthy stated he sexually harrassed her during an interview for (I think) the movie Under Siege. I for one, am sure most of the claims are real.

    That was a publicity stunt on Kelly LeBrock's part. As was the other past alledged complaints against Steven Seagal, and you can take that to the bank Cindyrella ;). All lies to take cheap shots because they can. Show me some proof that Seagal did all of these bad things aside from tabloid newspapers?

    Hello jdukew,

    Actually there was news and it was in print about his physical abuse of his wife with her statement and police report and photos. I cannot remember her name but she has been in several movies and was the woman in the commercials where she said, Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Until I saw what was done to her by Steven I liked him more, but, after that I lost all respect for the man. It should be able to be pulled up online although I have never cared to see it again.

    Honestly, I would love to discover it was all false as so much of what we see and read is...I still don't think he is even close to the Duke, but then, in my eyes and heart, no one is.

    McQ was and is one of my favorite John Wayne movies. Use of the Ingram Mac 10 machine gun added some coolness to the 1970s John Wayne cinema. McQ was very akin to John Wayne's other film, 'Brannigan', and they both are two of my favorite out of all Duke's cache of roles on film. Liked the character portrayed by Colleen Dewhurst as the love interest of Lon McQ's as well. Definately one of the Duke's finest action portrayals of all time.

    Thats good news. You can't lose when you bet on Steven Seagal for convincingness in cinema movies.

    I take it you have not been keeping up to date on Deputy Seagal's exploits.....

    Well its about all I do ;) LOL. Steven Seagal Lawman season 3 is airing tomorrow. As John Wayne phrased his own existence, 'gut feeling instinct'. That is, was and has always been my gut feeling is that Deputy Steven Seagal is innocent of any of these far-fetched accusations made against him by other celebrities and criminals of times past and on into the future of reality and in film. I may be wrong in my gut, but I'm willing to bet on my gut feelings :).

    Hello All I think that Under Siege was worth the money I paid to own it. I would like to see him with Morgan Freeman in a futuristic film dealing with colonies in another galaxy.

    what a great movie idea and script concept for Morgan Freeman and Deputy Steven Seagal to co-star together in. Sounds very akin to Morgan Freeman's recent box office film "Olympus Fallen", co-starring Gerard Butler of his past film '300'

    Haven't seen this remake, but they could've picked an actor more suited than Bridges to portray Cogburn :vomit: Then again, maybe no one wanted the part?

    Put a patch over Deputy Steven Seagal's eye, and there yuh have Rooster Cogburn
    Besides, no one else matches John Wayne's toughness in today's films like Seagal does!:wink_smile:
    Milla Jovovich could reprise the role of Maddie:hyper:
    Billy Ray Cyrus could do Glen Campbell's role

    and probably settled out of court....

    Ain't it good news Al :wink_smile:

    Steven Seagal is the best!

    Am looking forward to his new series too, its called "True Justice" to be aired on tv, and "Born To Raise Hell" dvd movie to be released in rental stores, but I'm not sure of the release and airing dates as of yet?

    Especially since Seagal is only a reserve DEPUTY and not allowed to make arrests or take part in any actual police work. It was just a TV show and may be in trouble for doing some things beyond what he was allowed to actually do. On top of that there were some accusations of sexual misconduct against Seagal. Plus the last word is that there will not be any Season 2.

    Sorry to burst your bubble Ives, but Steven Seagal Lawman Season 2 will be aired, and the accusations have been thrown out of court

    :wink_smile: Steven Seagal LAWMAN season one was an inspiring show
    I think John Wayne hisself would be pleased with Deputy Steven Seagal
    Am looking forward to season two of Steven Seagal LAWMAN on A&E Channel

    Concurred. Steven Seagal is way better than Norris, Schwarzenegger, VanDamme, Speakman, Lundgren, The Rock, and so on:wink:

    Agree one thousand percent with both statements. He was excellent in "Under Siege" but just so-so in most of his other films. He was typecast as the baddest man around, which limited his range. I have to say though that I liked him better than the other a__-kickers.

    I've heard this same rumor concerning Steven Seagal and it's never been documented nor proved in print nor on film nor on any video recording. Good to meet you and thanks for the reply. Therefore, Steven Seagal is a good person, actor, and does carry on the torch for iconic and heroic qualities in global cinema just as The Duke did

    I like Steven Segal's martial art style but as far as him being in a league with Duke or Eastwood, I don't think so. I was very turned off when I learned he beat his, don't hate me because I'm beautiful, wife...Duke would put a woman over his knee, but never beat a woman....In my book, a real man would never, ever, beat a woman.

    Just my opinion...