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    This is a very cool question!
    When I was about 6 years old, we went down to Tuscon and visited with family. For fun they took us to Old Tuscon were some of John Waynes pictures were made! It has to be the best memory I have, going to Old Tuscon. Someone said it had burned down a while back, is that true? I hope not I would love to go back, to show my husband. Anyway, after getting home, because there was John Wayne everywhere, I started watching his movies and asking! And instead of a picture of like Shawn Cassody on my wall, which was on of the popular stars at the time I was growing up, I had a pictue of John Wayne on my wall! I have been a BIG FAN ever since!
    I think he was the greatest!

    Hey Chester,

    Yes, the scene when he jumps his horse over the fence is True Grit. But the scene in Chisium, at the very end of the movie when you see him on the hill, I love that! Thats, what I meant about those two movie scences, sorry if I confused you.

    You know come to think of it, I only mentioned scenes that he doesn't speak in, but those scences speak loud and clear.

    As far as speaking scenes that is hard to narrow down to just 2, so I will leave it at that!


    Thanks Chester for including me in a conversation! I really enjoy talking back and forth, it makes it so much more fun to be here! :)

    Hi Everybody!
    I agree with the sence with John Wayne in the Quiet Man! But I also like when he is sitting on his horse on the hill in Chisium, and when he says "Well, come see a fat old man some time!" then he jumps the horse over the fence. For some reason that sence makes me cry evertime, and I don't know why!
    I've got so many more sences that I like but you said only 2 so I cheated and gave you 3!

    Stacy :)


    Other than Maureen O' Hara, which in my opinion was the best, I really liked the chemistry of Lauren Bacall, and John Wayne! The 2 movies that they were in together, Blood Alley and The Shootist , and on my top 10 list of movies that are my favorite!

    Just a good combination in my opinion!

    Stacy :)


    I have been a John Wayne for as long as I can remember! When other girls had posters of guys like Shawn Cassody etc., I had posters of John Wayne on my walls!

    I just recieved my 5th kidney transplant, and during all of my hard times that I had, during that time of my life when things got really bad, I would think of what John Wayne was and had gone through with his health. I love his movies, because he is such a stong person and never lets anything get him down! I am sure if I would have known him, he would have been the same way. He has always been strength for me and that is what I love about him the most!

    I have always thought he was the greatest, and not bad to look at either, even when he was older!

    Stacy :D

    Thanks for your comments!

    I really enjoy all the different questions that have come up on this web page! I I like seeing everbody's different points of view's!

    My favorite actress that ever worked with John Wayne was of course Maureen O' Hara, but I also liked the chemistry between him and Lauren Bacall in the Shootest too.

    As far as men co-stars this is some of my list: ( In no paticular order)

    Dean Martin
    Ward Bond
    Ben Johnson
    Walter Brennan
    Victor McClaghlen

    And I think I could probably go on and on on that one!
    John Wayne was just the best!

    Stacy :):):):)

    I don't know wether or not this has been asked, what is everybodies favorite co- star of John Wayne's? And what actress is your favorite?

    Stacy B)


    As far as new actors, I would have to say again that I really liked Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday, and I also thought that Kurt Russell was a good Wyatt!

    I think I would like to see Kurt Russell in another western, I thought it fit him pretty well. I also thought that another good fit was Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolfs, again I would like to see him a western again

    As far as the old westerns other then John Wayne I would go with Jimmy Stewart, Gary Cooper, Robert Mitchum, and Richard Boone.

    Richard Boone difinetly makes a good bad guy!



    I really like Tombstone, I think that Val Kilmer is the best Doc Holiday ever protrayed.

    I also like Silverado, I thought it was done really well.

    And what is the name of the movie that Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda is about Jimmy Stewarts brother dies and leaves him a brathal (sp) ? I think that is a funny western.

    7 Mules for Sister Sara

    And if you would consider it a western, Dances with Wolfs.

    But to be honest, if there is a western on that is either new or old I will watch it! Are t.v. if on, is usually on one of the old movie channels! And by all means, the new westerns don't hold a candle to what the old westerns were! There were just too many great actors back then, of course John Wayne being on the top of my list, but there was also Jimmy Stewart etc. I don't think you could ever replace them!