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    Here is a summery from IMDb (internet movie data base).
    Plot Summary for
    They Were Expendable (1945)
    Shortly after Pearl Harbor, a squadron of PT-boat crews in the Philipines must battle the Navy brass between skirmishes with the Japanese. The title says it all about the Navy's attitude towards the PT-boats and their crews.

    Summary written by Anonymous

    The fall of the Phillippines to the Japanese in World War II, and the heroism and tragedy of the defenders, as exemplified by the story of one American PT boat squadron.

    Summary written by Jim Beaver {[email protected]}

    Based on the real life heroics of Lieutenants John Bulkeley (Brickley) and Robert Kelly (Ryan), the movie accurately depicts the defense of the Philippines by American PT Boats from December 1941 through April 1942 for which Lieutenant (later Vice Admiral) Bulkeley was awarded the Medal of Honor and Lieutenant Kelly the Navy Cross.

    Summary written by Jim Graslie {[email protected]}

    This might help a little.

    I so agree especially after watching the Oscars, did anyone else notice how many of the Duke's movies were in the clips that were shown last night. I sure don't see many original ideas in Hollyweird with all the remakes.



    There is good news for this hot month. For those of us who get - the Hallmark Channel it is western month with many great old western's including several of the Duke's don't have a schedule so if you get it just check the listings for your area. Also if you get AMC (american movie classic's) the 16th and 17th of July is John Wayne Weekend - with his movies all day both days and at 8 PM (EST - in the US) there is going to be a restored movie that has not been seen in years, the 16th it is Island in the Sky, the 17th it is The High and the Mighty - so here is to staying in out of the heat and watching lots of great movies. :cowboy:

    Remembering John Wayne

    Kim Darby to share memories of 'True Grit' set

    By Mike Holtzclaw
    Daily Press

    March 7 2004

    Kim Darby has many memories of the time she spent working with John

    She only wishes she had more.

    Darby was barely 21 when she starred with him in the 1969 film "True
    Grit." She was going through a divorce at the time and brought her
    newborn daughter to the set each day. Amid all of this, she acted opposite
    one of the cinema's greatest legends, in the role that would earn him his
    only Oscar.

    "I would love to go back and do things differently," Darby says. "I was
    preoccupied with so many other things at that time, and maybe I was
    just a stupid kid, but I'm sure I didn't appreciate everything as much as
    I should have.

    "But it's such an honor to look back now and know that he won his Oscar
    for that movie. To know that I worked with him in that film, to think
    that I might have had something to do with the performance that won him
    his Oscar, that means so much to me."

    Darby will share her recollections of "True Grit" at the Williamsburg
    Film Festival this week. She's one of the many performers who will
    attend the annual event celebrating the culture surrounding Western movies,
    serials, TV shows and music.

    She's 55 years old now, and she teaches acting both at UCLA and in her
    own studio. She has appeared in more than three dozen movies and done
    guest spots in TV shows ranging from "Gunsmoke" to "The X-Files."

    But to movie fans, she will always be Mattie Ross, the plucky tomboy
    who enlists crusty Rooster Cogburn (played by Wayne) to help her track
    and kill the outlaws who murdered her father.

    Mia Farrow had turned down the role, a decision she later cited as the
    biggest mistake of her career. Wayne reportedly wanted singer Karen
    Carpenter to audition. But producer Hal Wallis had seen Darby in a guest
    spot on the TV show "Run For Your Life," and he became determined to
    cast her as Mattie.

    "I turned the part down about 10 times, but he wouldn't stop asking,"
    Darby said. "I had just had my baby, and I didn't think I was ready, so
    I just kept turning it down. Hal Wallis finally came out to my home to
    convince me. He said the only time he had ever gone to an actor's home
    like that was for Richard Burton."

    Darby finally accepted the part and came to the movie's location
    outside of Montrose, Colo. Whenever she wasn't on the set - along with Wayne,
    the movie also starred Glen Campbell, Robert Duvall and Dennis Hopper -
    she was tending to her 2-month-old daughter. Watch "True Grit" today
    and you can see the change in her body at different stages of the film as
    she gradually lost her pregnancy weight.

    The relationship between Mattie and Rooster Cogburn was central to the
    film, as the world-weary old marshal taught the precocious, headstrong
    teenager not to give in to cynicism. They had several key scenes
    together, with the petite Darby serving as a physical counterpoint to the
    6-foot-4 Wayne.

    One of Darby's strongest memories from the set was a scene in which
    Mattie hand-rolls a cigarette and places it in Cogburn's mouth. Wayne had
    lost a lung to cancer a few years earlier, and Darby recalls him being
    very uncomfortable during the filming of that scene.

    "John Wayne was fascinating," she said. "He traveled with his stock
    broker and his masseuse. He liked to cook, and he used to come over to see
    me and my nanny so that we could taste whatever he was cooking that
    day. He was such a nice man, and I wish I had gotten to know him better
    than I did."

    Mike Holtzclaw can be reached by phone at 928-6479 or by e-mail at
    [email protected].

    Copyright © 2004, Daily Press

    Unfortunatly the paper did not say when Kim would be in Williamsburg. It is only around 15 to 20 miles from where I live in Newport News, VA (USA). Although it looks like the article contains most of what she would have to say. :headbonk::cowboy:

    I like the idea of knowing a little more about everyone. I will be 50 September 2004 and live in Newport News, VA. I grew up in Texas, Louisisana, and Arizona. I can't ever remember not being a JW fan. My dad was so we always watched his films. I love most all westerns. Love to see the southwest in films as I so miss living there. I try to go back every year. My sister and mom live in Springerville/Eagar, AZ close to where JW had the 26th Bar Ranch, I even stayed in the JW suite at a local motel in area for my 15th wedding anniversary. This year will be celebrating my 30th in May.

    I liked the movie but I would suggest for you to rent it first that way you know what your getting. It seems lately that I have gotten some real stinkers so now I rent first and then buy it if I like it. I also do some research on line. My exception is JW movies I want them all and not too many stinkers thank goodness. :cowboy: