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    It is snowing here as I am writing this note. I am sick and tired
    of this weather. snow is a four letter word you know. I would move to a
    different area of the country if I could get my wife to agree. She will
    never move away from the grandkids.

    I agree that "Rio Bravo" is the best western ever made. I too used to like "El Dorado" when I was a kid but as I got older "Rio Bravo"
    became my favorite. The combo of the Duke, Dean, and brennon
    were fantastic. My fifteen old grandson likes it the best as well.
    He thinks the Duke is the best. He and I have watched the Duke's movies together since he was a little kid.

    Stumpy. Thanks for the never inhaled church posting. I got a chuckle out of it.
    This idiot wants to run our country but didn't even know that his minister was
    preaching all this hateful crap. I am so concerned that this jerk will win.

    I thought that I had seen most all of Jimmy Stewarts movies but I must admit that I have never heard of THE MOUNTAIN ROAD. What was the movie about?

    I also enjoyed Glen Ford and agree that he was an underated actor. IN any scene when he was riding a horse he had a very unique way of holding the reins. You could pick him out at a distance when he was riding with a group of others on horse. He was a great American. How many other actors have served at such a older age in the military? Going to Vietnam in 1967. I was there in 1970 as a young man. I am 58 years old and can't imagine doing something like he did.

    I watched Rio Bravo a few weeks ago with my 14 year old grandson.
    He is becoming a avid John Wayne fan but the person who he enjoyed
    the most in the film was Stumpy. Walter Brennan was one on the greatest
    charactor actors.

    Obama was asked about abortion when he said his stupid comment.
    Sarah Palin in her speach at the convention ststed that the subject is NOT above her pay grade to discuss, I really hope that Obama goes down
    in November.

    Thank you sir for a very nice painting. I am relativly new to the forum and I
    used to think I knew alot about the Duke but after reading all the posts I
    realize that I don't know diddly squat. I have a lot of research to do. Can any
    one advise me where the best place is to begin? I would appreciate any advice
    and help.
    Dan Stapel

    Hi Stumpy

    I hope you did not misunderstand part of my post.
    I meant that they THINK that the are of the elite and deserve to be treated in a grand way. I TOTALLY argree with you.
    They all stink! No matter what party they come from.
    They discust me!

    I really don't care what country you are from the so called
    leaders do not have a clue what its like to live from day to
    day trying to make ends meet and survive. They believe that
    they are of the elite and because of that they deserve to be treated in a royal way. I don't know what we are going to do during this coming winter
    as regard fuel. I am retired and disabled an rest assured they could care less about myself and many of other disabled veterans. I cannot understand why we cater to all the ILLEGAL ALIENS and in many ways not
    take care of our own. I want to do what Mcclintot did in that movie.
    Sock them all and knock them into a mud hole!

    Hot and stickey during the day with pretty bad thunderstorms almost
    every night. My heart goes out to all those who lost homes and whatnot
    from the storm down in Texas.
    Capt. Dan

    This movie had a large effect on me as a young man. The hoplessness of the men,and women
    was awful. When the last plane left we all now NOW what happened to most of the men and women that were left behind. Don't we all wonder what happened to Donna Reeds character, and that in the future she and John Waynes Character ever met again.
    There really not knowing what happen to the other on was one of the realities of the

    Another great example of the super westerns that where on when I was a young man. I really enjoyed anything that had James Garner,
    AKA James Baumgarner in it. I wish these westerns where on the TV Land channel on a regular basis.:wink: