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    I read the sad news on facebook..... My thoughts are with her family and friends. We fans will never forget her, she will live on forever in our hearts and her movies!

    1. The sport of choice for the urban poor is BASKETBALL.

    2. The sport of choice for maintenance level employees is BOWLING....

    3. The sport of choice for front-line workers is FOOTBALL.

    4. The sport of choice for supervisors is BASEBALL.

    5. The sport of choice for middle management is TENNIS.


    6. The sport of choice for corporate executives and officers is GOLF.


    The higher you go in the corporate structure, the smaller your balls become. There must be a boat load of people in Washington playing marbles.

    This year the Duke´s birthday will be the sadest and hardest day of my life! My wife Valentina, I loved so much, died from cancer one week ago and we will have the official ceremony for her on Monday, May 26th.... After the ceremony her body will be given to the flames and the ashes will be buried one week later.
    I like to tell You, that we need much, much more research how to cure cancer!!! - Cancer can hit EVERYBODY and can come very unexpected! Valentina always was a strong little woman who worked hard, never ill and never had to go to Hospital. Before I brought her to Hospital she had some problems with her stomach for about two weeks. She thought this came from stress in the Company where she worked. In Hospital they said it was a very agressive kind of skin cancer, but to the inside of the body and it was on her leaver! My wife stayed in Hospital for seven weeks and after that seven weeks she died there at the Age of 46. It was so hard to see her getting weaker and weaker over that period of time. In the end she had three cruel days as she suffered from pain and her belly was swollen like being pregnant. Nobody should die that way, and I wish nobody will see the person he loves most in life die that way....
    Valentina never smoked, never drank alcohol, she loved her life and all animals, she liked to travel and see the world, was interested in culture, history and good movies, she did not want to go at that young age and she did not want to leave me in this world alone.... It is now 35 years after the Duke died from cancer and we still have no cure for this and it still kills people of all races and ages, even children.

    Donovan´s Reef is the perfect choice of a Duke´s movie for the Holiday season (the other one would have been The three Godfathers, but that´s a western...we all know that)!

    I watch Donovan´s Reef every New Years Eve. The movie is pure fun, from the very first moment on! The Duke and Lee Marvin are GREAT and the lady, Elizabeth Allen, is very funny in her scenes with the Duke. - I know, Donovan´s Reef is not so popular amongst the Duke´s fans, but I always enjoyed watching it.

    I was not able to watch Stagecoach last months, because my aunt is now in Vienna in Austria in hospital, and I am still working on my move from Germany to Vienna and I visited my aunt two times in Vienna, but FOR SURE I will watch Donovan´s Reef again. - My aunt is happy to be back home in Austria, to be visited by old friends from the highschool where she worked, and the hospital is a very good one. Maybe she will have a chance to survive and that would be the greatest Christmas present for me and my family...!

    To me Larry Hagman was an icon of television history! - Maybe I was not the real Dallas-fan, but like many, many other people in Austria I watched most of the episodes of Dallas as it was on air for the first time. As the Austrian TV-station started airing the Denver Clan, it never could beat Dallas! And I still remember the Dallas episodes that were filmed in my hometown Vienna...

    I was (and still I am) a great fan of I dream of Jeannie! The show was on air in Austria in the early seventies as American astronauts flew to the moon. Everyone was crazy for rockets and astronauts at that time and the show was part of our culture. I never missed an episode of I dream of Jeannie as a child, and now I own the whole series on DVD. After having a bad day it is still a lot of fun to watch Major Nelson and his Jeannie, and sometimes I wish I could have a Jeannie in a bottle too!

    Thank You, Larry Hagman, for all the fun You brought to our lifes! I never will forget Tony Nelson and his Jeannie...

    So far I did not have enough time to watch Stagecoach (I watched it a few months ago), but I got my aunt out of the German hospital today. - Some Germans thought, they could keep an Austrian citizen in their country against his will, but this is not the way it works!

    My aunt is now in a hospital in her hometown Vienna in Austria and she is happy. I am preparing to move our two horses and all our stuff back home to Austria next week. And then I will give my aunt a big hug and relax and maybe will find the time to watch Stagecoach together with her!

    I would say this time both candidates would not have been the perfect choice... I always feel, that America as the leading nation in the world should find another president like Ronald Reagan or JFK. But it is the benefit of a democracy that people have the right to choose their rulers. Sometimes it seems, a democracy is not the perfect kind of a state, but it is the best kind of a state we have!

    I did not have the time to join the group watch so far, but I listened to the new complete and restored Hatari soundtrack CD from Intrada. GREAT! Perfect stereo quality and much more music from Henry Mancini than on the old soundtrack CD.

    O.K., I see, I don´t have to buy this CD. I was looking forward to it too...

    A few days ago I bought the complete and remastered soundtrack of "Hatari". This is a great CD, You should listen!

    O.K., I see, I don´t have to buy this CD. I was looking forward to it too...

    A few days ago I bought the complete and remastered soundtrack of "Hatari". This is a great CD, You should listen!

    Hey, what a great movie, Hatari!!! One of the funniest movies the Duke ever made and it has a great Soundtrack...and the young girl was beautiful. - So, fall has come, it is getting cold outside, let´s get some hot African sunshine in our hearts when watching Hatari....

    It took me some time to join the group watch of "Tall in the Saddle", because life isn´t easy at the moment and I have a very ill family member, but today it worked and it was real fun to watch the movie for the first time on DVD (had seen it on VHS before). Postet my comments in the "Tall in the Saddle" thread.

    What JW movie will be our group watch for October?