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    Great movie, but I think it just edges out Rio Bravo. Just didn't care for Angie Dickinson's acting in that one, but I did notice her at the end of the movie in that little outfit.:stunned:

    I give El Dorado the nod too. Charlene Holt was better than Angie Dickinson. James Cahn was better than Ricky Nelson. Bob Mitchum was better than Dean Martin and Christopher George was better than Claud Aikens.

    One of my favorites!

    Hi all,
    I like this film very much. And I like Pat and Ethan in it, never thought about the replacements.
    When we watch this film last time with my friend, she asked me: Did Jake returned to the beautiful grandmother at last?
    At the end of the film they said: Lets go home...

    This is my favorite ending to any Duke film because it gives a "real" glimpse into the relationship between the man and his sons. The humor in asking if Dad's son is his grandson seems genuine and... the look of admiration on Patrick's face that is frozen at the end of the movie is... priceless. Many of John Wayne's later movies did not receive the critical aclaim they deserved. This was a great one, like many others!

    I have been away for a while, and just wanted to say hi!
    Speaking of Chisum, I love the picture of John Wayne, on his horse on the hill, looking into the distance. This is how I always will remember the Great John Wayne! Does anybody know if there is a poster or picture out there of him in that manor?

    That image is on #2 of both the 8x10 and 11x14 lobby cards for the movie. Occasionally you can find them on Ebay. The image was also on the cast mug John Wayne gave away for this film. One of my favorite scenes too!