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    I went and seen it and I did enjoy it but Jeff Bridges is no John Wayne, I will get the dvd when it comes out but if I could only have one or the other it would be the Dukes movie he is the best by fay.

    Yea I will watch it to, it is a western, I tried to watch the remake of
    Angle and a Badman and did not even finish it did'nt care for it at all
    hope the do a better job on Tru Grit.

    Hi everybody have not been on the boards in awhile but had to chip in on this topic, I am like every one else can not see any one doing a good job on a Duke film, Jeff
    Bridges played a good wild Bill so he might be alright and like the poster before said he is playing a charactor not John Wayne, I will see the movie when it comes out
    just to see and compare, and who knows might be a good western if we watch it for that and not compare to John Wayne.

    Hi, I been a JW fan a long time, I am old enough that I remember going to the movies and watching his new films, Hell fighters, Hatari, McClintock and some others, whats great is my son is 35 years old and is a JW fan and now his sons 8 and 5 are fans to, they have a John Wayne movie in most Sunday mornings, well great site will post some more.:teeth_smile: