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    Did you also know that "Flying Tigers" was nominated for three Academy Awards?

    Flying Tigers
    Acadamy nominations

    • MUSIC (Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture)

    Not bad for a war flick, eh?:hyper:

    Were I collect John Wayne films, my wife collect those "Hammy" Hammer horror films. She likes Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee both. I agree they aren't as scarry or high quality like some of todays, but we like them.
    Todays horror show so much blood and guts, it's not really scarry.
    The original Mummy stands out as a decent horror for me as well as Alien.

    "Baby Face" has been released on DVD this week. It's more of a Barbara Stanyck Picture than John Wayne, but still worth the JW collection. It comes in a two disc (2 movies that is) set call "Forbidden Hollywood Collection".
    The reason is that at the time of release it was very racy and had to be edited down to an acceptable version. I am not sure if this is the full version of the movie. I have read that they restored the movie to its full uncut version. I will let you know, or I'm sure someone will find out. I hope it is the full restored version. DeepDiscount price is 37.80.

    This movie cause an uproar among the Hays committee and had to be edited. If you follow the link I have provided, you will read about the movie and see what cuts have been done to the movie. this movie also cause problems for the head of the studios to where I belive Zanuck quit. He formed his own studio call "20th Century Fox"! Or so it is said.

    Here is a link to follow to read more about this racy (for 1933) movie:

    Here is a write up on the movie you ought to read.

    Hope you enjoy!

    Well, it's time for game 22! I waited a while so that each game would last longer and give everybody time to check it out and come up with a good caption. I figured two weeks should do it. This also gives me time to get more images to post for all of you. Let me know it its ok with you.

    I hope everybody is going to have a great St. Paddies Day, and remember to watch "The Quiet Man" to celebrate the holiday!

    Well, here is the next picture to start this game. It's from a lobby card from the movie I think, but you will all enjoy it. Ok! Let's see what your best caption is, good luck!

    Sorry fellas, I have been working about everyday for the last couple of months. I don't mean to be away so long. I'm running out of pictures to use as most of them I found on the web. I'm trying to find a new way to get them from DVDs. I WILL try to be better at it as I have fun posting them.

    Oh, as an added bonus, can you tell me what program this picture came from??

    Good luck all!

    hey guys, I wish to say that I have not had time to post any more pictures lately. I have been working just about every day for the last couple of months. I haven't had much time to post anything at all.
    I am also trying to figure out how to get more picture for the game. I cant find anymore on the web that hasn't been used. If all of you are still interested, I will continue the game, I may have to use some that are not of great quality.
    Again, I enjoy doing this for all of you, I just haven't had much time. (I really need a vacation!).

    I came across this today, "BLood Alley", "McQ", "Tall in the Saddle", "The Train Robbers", and "The Sea Chase" is to be released 05-03-2005! I hope this is some good news as these are some of my favorite movies! Here is the only thing I have on the news: DVD Price Search. This info will be up for roughly three days!

    I'll see if there is any other confirmation (websites) on this. I hope this brings some new enjoyment for all of you! :jump:

    Well here it's time for another game. Please remember to vote for who had the best caption in game # 19. I think I remember how to do the poll.

    This time the picture is from "Hellfighters", one of two of my wifes' favorite John Wayne movies (She's a Peter Cushing girl, go figure!)! I'm posting these pics every two weeks now, cause it's harder to get different images. I'm working on some interesting and better pictures for you all.

    Well good luck to all, have fun and remember, WWJWD (What Would John Wayne Do?)!