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    Hi This is Big Jeff The John Wayne Impersonator....I had a very good time with my good friend Jim Sutherlin When we went to the John Wayne Birthplace in Iowa.......Jim and I was a hit! Some one may say that Jim and I was trying to replace John Wayne and We should not talk about the John Wayne Message Board.......They are the one with a problem........And not us! Keep the name alive that all we can do now! Just Keep the name Alive.......It is so much fun for me! I will do it for nothing! But it help when someone give you money for Travel....So I will never forget this trip for the rest of my life....And big Jim and his wife will always be my sear friends.......Best Always Jeff Wayne as John Wayne Imperasonator.....PS Please look for my TV Show

    Hi to all my name is Jeffrey Wayne Sutherland. I am very happy that I am now a member of The John Wayne Message Board...My dear Friends Jim and his Loving Wife help me and I thank them. I do have a lot to share with the Group. I have many Video's of 15 years on Cable TV. Move and TV Stars Interview...The Show is Called 'Jeff's Star Talk" I have Interview many of John Wayne Co-Stars and some of his Family. Please look at my many Video's on YouTube. Some I will post....Thanks Again your Truly Jeff Wayne Sutherland.