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    If there are any "Gunsmoke" fans here you may want to check out the Starz/Encore Westerns Channel on August 26-28. They will be having a 50 hour marathon of the show to celebrate it's 50th anniversary. Should be fun.

    I think "Lonesome Dove" is one of the greatest westerns ever made. Excellent acting by the entire cast and it's very true to the original novel. A true classic

    One of the truly great westerns, but totally lacking in historical accuracy. But that does not take away any of the enjoyment I get from watching this classic. and just for the record my favorite "Wyatt Earp" movies are "Hour Of The Gun" with James Garner and "Tombstone" with Kurt Russell

    Hi Everyone,

    I like "Deadwood" quite a lot. I admit it took a couple of episodes to get used to the language, but once I did, I found it to be a very good show. Interesting characters and plots with some fine writing and acting.

    Howdy Folks,
    A classic western finally comes to DVD. Here's the info:

    Wanted: Dead or Alive - Let's Go: Steve McQueen's Wanted: Dead or Alive Hits DVD


    In 1958 producer Jack H. Harris was producing a film called The Blob, and had hired a young actor named Steve McQueen to star in the pic. McQueen was paid $3000 for the role, and it was to be the first of a three picture deal. However, the story has it that the production team thought McQueen was difficult to work with, and released him from the commitment to the other two films. Perhaps that's why Harris gave McQueen a "glowing recommendation" to Dick Powell. Powell, you see, was in charge of Four Star Productions, and was putting together a new Western TV series at the time. After the recommendation, Powell asked Harris if he could see a rough cut of The Blob, and was allowed to do so. Powell liked what he saw of McQueen, and hired the future Hollywood legend to play Josh Randall, the lead character of Wanted: Dead or Alive.

    Three seasons playing the famed bounty hunter led McQueen to that legendary status. Before the show's run had ended, he had already played "Vin" in The Magnificent Seven, and went on to be the symbol of toughness and coolness in other hit films like The Great Escape, The Cincinnati Kid, The Sand Pebbles, The Thomas Crown Affair, Bullitt, Le Mans, Papillon, The Towering Inferno, and his final role in The Hunter. Just three months after the 1980 debut of that last film, Terence Steven McQueen succumbed to lung cancer at the age of 50.

    Now, 25 years after his death (during a year that, coincidentally, Jack H. Harris is once again producing The Blob for the big screen), New Line joins distributor Warner Brothers in celebrating the King of Cool's life and career. While WB is working toward a box set release of six of McQueen's films, New Line is planning a June 7th launch of Wanted: Dead or Alive - Season 1:

    Own the hit television series that launched the career of big-screen legend Steve McQueen. Josh Randall (McQueen) was not a typical rough-hewn bounty hunter of the Old West; he was a consummate gentleman who always gave half - or even all - of his reward money to charity. He was a man of few words, and he carried a Winchester sawed-off shotgun, which he wore on his belt and fondly called his "Mare's leg." The 4-DVD set has a cost of $39.92 SRP, running 1008 minutes with lots of extras. Here's a disc-by-disc breakdown of the set:

    Disc 1 - Side A
    1.The Martin Poser
    2. Fatal Memory
    3. The Bounty
    4. Dead End
    Genesis of "Wanted Dead or Alive" (menu text)
    Steve McQueen Bio Part 1 (menu text)
    Color episode of "The Martin Poser"
    Disc 1 - Side B
    5. Shawnee Bill
    6.The Giveaway Gun
    7. Ransom for a Nun
    8.Miracle at Pot Hole
    "The Bounty Hunter" featurette
    Photo gallery
    Disc 2 - Side A
    9. The Fourth Headstone
    10. Till Death Do Us Part
    11. The Favor
    12. Ricochet
    "Life in The Fast Lane" documentary Parts 1 & 2
    Disc 2 - Side B
    13. Sheriff of Red Rock
    14. Die by the Gun
    15. Rawhide Breed
    16. Eight Cent Reward?
    Steve McQueen Filmography (menu text)
    Steve McQueen Bio Part 2 (menu text)
    Color episode of "The Favor"
    Disc 3 - Side A
    17. Drop To Drink
    18. Rope Law
    19. Six-Up to Bannach
    20. The Spur
    "Angel or Devil" featurette
    Photo gallery
    Disc 3 - Side B
    21. Reunion for Revenge
    22. Competition
    23. Call Your Shot
    24.Secret Ballot
    "Life in The Fast Lane" documentary Parts 3 & 4
    Disc 4 - Side A
    25. The Corner
    26. Eager Man
    27. The Legend
    28. Railroaded
    29. Double Fee
    30. The Kovack Affair
    Steve McQueen Bio Part 3 (menu text)
    Color episode of "Six-Up to Bannach"
    Disc 4 - Side B
    31. Bounty for a Bride
    32. Crossroads
    33. Angels of Vengeance
    34. Littlest Client
    35. The Conquerers
    36. Amos Carter
    "Dead End" featurette
    "Life in The Fast Lane" documentary Parts 5 & 6
    Photo gallery

    The DVD comes with video in 4x3 full screen, with black-and-white presentation of all episodes, plus 3 episodes presented in color as extras (the orginal b&w versions are there, too). Sound is the original English Mono, and there are subtitles in English and Spanish.

    Link to this page:

    All news for this show:

    More info on this show:
    Wanted: Dead or Alive

    Copyright 2001-2005


    I see no one has mentioned that goofy series called "Wild Wild West" from the '60s with Robert Conrad. Not really a western, huh?


    Actually Jen, I put "The Wild Wild West" as my #1 favorite western. It's not quite a "pure" western, but it's my favorite.

    Anyone who is a fan of both the real wild west and the movies may want to check out a great book called "Cowboy:How Hollywood Invented The Wild West" by Holly George- Warren. The book talks about many real western figures and there stories and how these evolved into the mythical west of the movies and TV. Some nice chapters on John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, The Lone Ranger, Roy Rodgers, Gene Autry.. The best of the real and the reel.. I think fans will enjoy it. Happy trails to all of you.

    Howdy Folks,

    Like a lot of us here, I'm a lifelong western fan and I have seen alot of books and magazine stories written about the great movie westerns, but I've seen very little written about the TV western. I believe there have been about 150 since television began So my question is..what are your favorites? Here's my "Top Ten' looking forward to seeing yours:

    1. The Wild Wild West
    2.The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr.
    3.The Lone Ranger
    4. Wagon Train
    5. The High Chaparral
    6. Maverick
    7.Have Gun, Will Travel
    8. The Westerner
    9.Wanted: Dead Or Alive
    10. Lonesome Dove (the mini-series)

    Happy Holidays to all of you and the best of the season. Don't know if there will be any Duke marathons on TV, but if theres not I'v always got my trusty VCR and DVD players to have my own.