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    Thank you Chester, made me chuckle a bit.
    I appreciate your giving me that welcome to the board.
    Thanks to you as well EthanEdwards for your welcome. I do appreciate it.
    John Wayne is an Icon , a symbol of America that many around the world recognize as something more than an actor. He represents honesty and intergrity ,that there will always be men like him that stand up for the folks that are wronged. Like America , he could always be counted on to stand up to the cheaters and murderers that victimize those less able to defend themselves.
    There will never be another like John Wayne.
    Now , to find the folks that worked the props for Big Jake, where would you suggest I start. thanks again, Buck

    hello all.
    I have always wondered , what make and model of pocket knife was Jacob McCandles using when he stuck it into the tree and told Jim Davis character to cut down the sheep herder ?
    To me , it appears to be an automatic type pocket knife.
    I appreciate any and all responses. Thanks, Buck Loner