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    :wub: I love the Harry Potter books and movies. They get down to the basics--good vs. evil. My younger brother got me hooked on the books. I come from a family of avid readers and it's wonderful the way my brother (who is 16), my dad (who's 52), my husband (27) and I (24) have read these books and can talk about them.

    They appeal to a wide audience and I don't understand how they lead to Satanism. They are very clear-cut on what's good and what's evil. Also, they are quite obviously fantasy. If magic leads to Satanism, then also don't let your children hear fairy tales and by all means, don't let them watch The Wizard of Oz or Jim Henson's wonderful movies Labyrinth and Dark Crystal. Even the Care Bear movies have magic....

    I worked at a Catholic daycare at my parish and all the children love Harry Potter and, amazingly enough, understand the difference between fantasy and reality and are still good Christian kids with no thoughts toward Satan. Children are incredibly bright, let's give them and their parents some credit.

    I am a Star Wars fan, but not nearly as much of one as my husband who has a storm trooper tattoo on his right arm. Of the most recent trilogy, the last one was the best of the three. Hayden Christensen's acting improved enough in Episode III that it wasn't distracting like in Clones. I am sure that we will buy any special ed. trilogy sets that come out to go with the first trilogy and the hundreds of Star Wars toys my husband has.

    Chris, the quote in your signature is one of my favorites! I'm a police officer and I tend to keep that in the back of my mind while I'm at work.

    I'd like to thank you all for the warm welcome! My dad's not exactly what you'd call 'computer savvy', but I told him about it. I'll show it to him the next time I'm at my parents'. Thanks again!

    I grew up watching John Wayne with my father. He's my father's hero and one of the main reasons he became a police officer. I, being a 'daddy's girl' would sit and watch with him, mostly the westerns. I came to love the Duke for all the reasons my father does. He represents everything a good person should live by, such as strength of character and honor, which no one talks about anymore.

    I too am now a police officer and I work for the same department as my father (who has a cardboard cut-out of JW in his office). He and I both think the same way in difficult situations on the street: What Would John Wayne Do? or WWJWD ;) . My two heroes: John Wayne and my dad.