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    I could not watch FOX NEWS CHANNEL or listen to RUSH and SHAWN for WEEKS after the election I was so MAD. I saw those towers go down (I worked just across the bay) we can not BLOW OUR THIRD WAR IN A ROW. I have tride to stay away from the Jewish/Israel issue here but trust me Arabs understand two things Strenth and Weekness WE CAN NOT LOOK WEEK. The once proud Dems lost the last of their Nads after '72


    This is a powerful moving picture (no pun intented). It is made esp. powerful by the use of clips from old Duke pictures as J.B. Brooks' personal history. The supporting cast including Laurne Bacall, Ron Howard, Richard Boone, and Jimmy Stward of course, is just four-star as is Don Seagal's direction.

    Taped this off cable. Not bad, not great either. I think I'm missing the last few min.on my tape.
    I have a rather large collection of WWII propaganda from US, UK, & the Nazis (YEMACH SHAMOY/ MAY THEIR NAMES BE ERASED). PITTSBURGH ISN'T THE BEST OF THE GENRE BUT IT SURE AIN'T THE WORST.

    on this day 7 years ago my daughter was born...and no her name is Johnana

    In honor of Duke's Birthday I watch one war Movie (Sands of Iwo Jima) and one Western friday. The western was one of The Three Meesketters movie "The Night Riders". It was been years since I had seen any of those films. They are certainly of better quality then your average B-Western. Kinda a B+.

    Duke and Howard Hawks felt that High Noon was Un-American because the town people refused to help the sheriff. The Screenwriter (who was blacklisted) made no secret that he saw it as an allegory for Americans not speaking out about the "persecution" of American Communist. Coop him self, of course, was as good a Republican as Duke was, and no doubt saw the movie's message differently.
    This is why in Rio Brave everyone wants to help, this in Duke & the Director's view was the REAL America. The actions of American People in the aftermath of September 11 bore them out.


    Originally posted by kilo 6@Apr 3 2006, 11:20 AM
    Hello All
    Zack163 did you used to hunt with your father? Can you share any hunting stories? murray


    Orthodox Jews don't hunt. We trap and then ritually slaughter the animals. The guns are for fun and protection.

    Jewish youth learn to shoot (Ze'ev Jabotinsky founder of the Zionist Revionist Movement now know as the Likud.)

    Every Jew a .22 (Rabbi Meir Kahane Founder of the Jewish Defence League)


    Originally posted by Robbie@Mar 28 2006, 01:54 PM
    What extra footage did the 5 hour version have, it sounds like Duke filmed an awful lot of footage.



    I wish to G-d I knew. I have never talked to anyone who has seen it. Perhaps some of the footage is an Duke's TV Special "The Spirit of the Alamo". Anyone out there have a copy? :uhuh2:


    Originally posted by Robbie@Mar 27 2006, 06:17 AM
    I didn't know the uncut original of the Alamo was 5 hours, I thought the original was located weighing in at 3hrs 13 mins.



    The 3hr 13 min version was the longest version release to the public. The 5 hour cut was Duke's original cut that was only shown to UA executives. The chances that it still exist is almost nill. :cry2: Then again that is what we said about the 3 and a 1/4 hour version.