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    Davy Crockett, "King of the Wild Frontier" A great song and Fess Parker was a great Crockett and then later, Daniel Boone. Fess was
    a gentle,easy going guy in his public personna. I have the 200 or so minute version of John Wayne's "Alamo".

    Bringing up old unused blogs.

    Pappy -John Ford's movie, "My Darling Clementine" is very enjoyable, but not very accurate.

    The James gang were just common criminals, should have been shot a whole lot earlier. They knew better but they just kept on robbing banks.

    Apparently, there were some tales told by some who weren't at the battle and misconceptions about were people, and what hill or ravine they were at.
    "The 7th Cavalry on June 25, 1876, consisted of about 31 officers, 586 soldiers, 33 Indian scouts and 20 civilian employees."
    "They did not all die. When the smoke cleared on the evening of June 26, 262 were dead, 68 were wounded and six later died of their wounds. Custer’s Battalion – C, E, F, I and L companies – was wiped out, but the majority of the seven other companies under Major Marcus Reno and Captain Frederick Benteen survived." These quotes were from: website- ""
    Read this, it appears to be the from the latest research. Some earlier books were wrong. Just trying to update some of these old blogs.

    Geronimo, a brave Apache. Lied to and treated poorly by the U.S. Army.
    The Wes Studi verson movie of Geronimo is very good.

    I have seen the Sundowners, and liked it a lot. Robert Mitchum is another favorite of mine. Deborah Kerr and Dina Merrill added femininity to the picture. A well done picture.
    This whole site is getting sparse fro posts and I thought i would post here to bring this to the top of the pile.

    Great pictures for a great movie. Duke did an outstanding job with this movie, even though it looked like he could go broke.
    Lots of tension.

    My Wife and I went to Ireland, did the Quiet Man tour of Cong. We loved it. They have recreated the little house in Cong. We didn't go to this sight though to see the original white O' Morn . We hoped to go back again someday.
    Saw both videos, this one is the best, with the music.
    We bought the music Three? years ago. Played it several times a year. Thanks to John Ford for all of this and the wonderful movie with Duke and Maureen. All the actors recreated Ireland in the 1920's for us. My favorite John Wayne movie.
    God Bless Ireland as they headlong down hill in the modern hell we are letting happen to the great Western countries.
    While interloping scum come here to make the U.S. a picture of hell itself.
    Hopefully we stop this downhill slide in the U.S. in 2016.

    Watch the video with music: White O' Morn with music.

    The original White O' Morn is not the white house we see at first, but the pile of rocks later.
    Many have come and taken rocks away. This area is privately owned. There was an effort years ago
    to restore this place, but the land owner didn't cooperate.

    No, I don't speak Russian. My Mom spoke German and taught me some as a child. I don't remember much now. John Wayne is the same for me as you. He had values that
    we enjoy and believe in. My folks let me go to movies at about seven. We lived in a small town, Roy Rodgers and Gene Autry were what we saw early on. I remember going to "High Noon" and when it won several oscars wondering what all the fuss was. I grew to appreciate the movie more when I got older.
    Reading and watching as a teen and as an adult brought me into John Wayne's movies. He was not just an actor but a very good actor, stunt man etc. One of the best all time, his values sent him apart,he also was very kind to the fans he met.
    I am now 73 and miss the 40's,50's and 60's. So many fine actors, so much great music. John Ford was also important in all of this including the music. I am glad
    we have all of these movies from those years. I have direct TV and watch several movies most weeks, even many of the 1930's movies are good.
    My wife and I went to Ireland in 2007, with our church,worked at a church in Ireland for a week. Then spent 5 days on our own and went to Galway, Cong and the
    area. A great thrill. Took the "the Quiet Man" tour in Cong. Went to all the external places like the bridge and the train station. Didn't see the original cottage though.
    My wife passed away last December, so my heart isn't in these things quite as strong now. I have wanted to go to, Balzar and Dingle south of Saratov, but I probably will not do that now. I know some of the history of my German Grandparents and their travels, from 1767 until they came here in 1910 and continue to look at that some.
    I find your posts interesting, and your interests are like many of us on this website. Thank you for your response and I hope God will continue to Bless and protect you through the turbulent times coming.

    Senta- My Mom's parents were Germans from about 50 miles south of Saratov. They came to the U.S. in 1910. We call them Germans from Russia.
    I am glad you are back, I enjoy reading your posts.

    i wanted to bring this Great Movie to the forefront. I saw it at age 10. When it won academy awards, I was surprised. Now I look at as a great move.
    All those fine actors in it. In fact I just ordered the "The Collectors Edition" very cheaply on amazon.

    I bought a used CD of RioBravo, but the music with Dean and Ricky wasn't on it.
    Angie doesn't look nice, she looks knock'em out Beautiful. lol!