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    I understand the talent of those directors but I still don't think that treatment was necessary. Those actors stayed with them because of the power of those directors. They knew they could make or break them. Because of their great desire to make it in the business they would put up with anything. :(

    :angry: Okay I'm getting on my soap box. It's stories like the rib cracking incident that absolutely infuriate my anger towards John Ford! I know he was a fine film maker but some of the things I've heard about him make my skin crawl. I believe the accounts are correct. Sometimes it makes me so mad I can hardly stand to watch his films.

    I think to myself "Here he had this wonderful group of actors working for him. All very talented and he was so cruel to them." He is portrayed as being their best friend off the set and then being a dictator on. I think he was a man drunk with power and he loved to excercise that to get his own way. What a shame. I think he could have done so much more if he would have sought to inspire them rather than control them like slaves. :headbonk:

    I live probably the closest to either the CA fans or WA. I am from Utah. I guess I'm the closest to Monument Valley where Duke did a lot of his early work. I haven't made it down there yet. I'm in Northern Utah and it would be far south for me.

    I guess you always love the place your grew up in and I love it here. You might say "My roots are buried here."

    Thanks Smokey. Your'e awesome! :lol:

    :unsure: I can absolutely guarantee that will never happen to me. I'm a 5"3, red headed lady. Besides I've openly rebilled against the country scene for years and my friends and family would tease me terribly. I don't think I'd be brave enough to wear it out of the house. I thought I might use the hat as a writing inspiration. Kind of like Jo's night cap from Little Women. My dream outfit is a dark swede jacket with fringe, black boots, regular black dress shirt, jeans (blue or black) and a black western hat.

    :lol: Ahhhh! It feels good to be home again!! That is what Duke has become to me, home. I think he has become the movie equivalent of my favorite lounge outfit. Ya know those holy sweat pants and over sized t-shirt that you love to relax in.
    :P I watched The Shootist as I had planned and it really felt like a month had not gone by. It was like reuniting with an old friend after several years and feeling that not a day had passed between you.
    :D The manager at my local video store pointed out a John Wayne documentary that I had not seen. So I took the opportunity to get that. It was very interesting. It is called No Substitue for Victory. It rehearsed the history of Communism. It talks a lot about Vientnam which Duke felt very strongly about.
    B) To Chester: I think what you did with your son on Memorial Day was awesome. I'm sure he'll tell his kids about that day! I'm tempted to go get a western style hat and a pair of boots myself. Not to portray Duke but because I really enjoy the look now.
    :rolleyes: When I rented my movies I also got one Fonda, one Cooper, and The Red Badge of Courage. I just wanted to let you guys know I'm staying with my new perspective. Thank you again for all the support and inquiry.
    :cowboy: Look for my new discussion on this forum "What will you watch on June 11?"

    I think it's safe to say, and I mean no offense, that we have several John Wayne addicts on this board. But if your happy being a John Wayne addict, go ahead!

    I enjoy him. I'm passionate about him. I love him. But there is more to my life then just him. I'm glad I can say that. I think it is as it should be.

    This is my final week. Wes is D-Day. I may even wait till Friday just so I can have a small marathon. Two in a row. Okay maybe three. I think the first movie I will watch is The Shootist. Then both of the "Roosters". He has always been my favorite character of Duke and I have missed him. :D

    I found myself missing Duke's voice this week. I am craving to hear it again. I'm glad to say that I have made it. I feel like I have things back in perspective and I have several new movie avenues to pursue. :cowboy:

    I know this diet has been good for me. I compliment Smokey who so far has been the only one with enough "brass" to take it with me. I look forward to her comments and what she has learned through this experience.

    I still encourage others to take this challenge. It is not going to make him disappear you know. His existence will not be taken from the earth because you don't watch him for a day, week, or month. Start small. I'm telling you. You'll find a new appreciation for him. :lol:

    :D Three weeks and still going strong!! I miss him a little more this week but I'm doing okay. ;)

    Chester will be glad to know that I watched a lot of Cary Grant this week. I watched Charade for the first time and loved it! I will have to get that on DVD.

    Some of you may think I'm crazy to put myself through this but that's okay. I feel I will appreciate him more after this and also view him in a new light. It's always good to step back from things for a while then view them in a fresh perspective.

    This has given me the opportunity to look at some other good films which I have really enjoyed. I will always love Duke the most out of what I like to call "my fab four" (John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Gary Cooper, and Cary Grant) but from now on I am determined to keep him in moderation.

    I really enjoy discussing all the many aspects of his career with the fans on this site. I'm glad I found it. Thank you for your support and friendship!

    That is the most inspiring story I've ever heard. Thanks for sharing!

    :rolleyes: Second week and I'm still going strong. I'm starting to miss him some this week but not enough to make me brake. This week I watched a lot of my other favorite leading man Jimmy Stewart. In fact it was him that got my interested in Duke. I watched two Alfred Hitchcock's I've never seen before. Rear Window and The man who knew too much. I really enjoyed them both.

    To answer Mr. and Mrs. Chester the week before I rented Support your local Gunslinger. This actually didn't have Walter Brennan in it. I really meant to get Support Your Local Sheriff. Both of these have James Garner, Harry Morgan, and Jack Elam in it. The first one was really cute. I'll have to get the other next time. I also checked out The Gnome Mobil, The Calloways and The Genuine Original Family Band. I liked The Gnome mobilethe best! He actually plays a double role in that.

    Thanks for the tip on the other two movies. I'll have to look for those.
    Have either one of you seen Island in the sky or Jet Pilot? Once I do have money I would have to buy these without seeing them first. Are they really good?

    :lol: Rock on Smokey! We can make it. Although I am starting to crave him a little.

    :) This week has been really good and very beneficial for me. I really don't miss him that much yet. I think I gorged myself too much the last week in April. I was actually beginning to get sick of him. :dead:

    I want to respond to Chester, Smokey, and SXViper.

    First to Chester and his wife: Thank you for your thoughts. However, I am a poor little church mouse and could not buy the new DVD's this month anyway. Such purchases for me are rare and besides they can wait.

    Second, I would rather remember Duke on his death next month since it is 25 years than worry about his birthday this month.

    To Smokey: Cheers to Smokey who is going to take the challenge with me!

    To SXViper: Thanks for your suggestion on the film. I will look for that in my local video store.

    I know I would run into connections to Duke through looking at these other films that it the point. I enjoy so many of his co-stars, I wanted to see what else they have done.

    I started this week with Walter Brennan. I rented a few of his last films that he did for Walt Disney. It was nice to see him in some starring roles rather than just a supporting character.

    He played the age he was then through most of his career. I think he aged a lot better then they always made him look when he was younger and playing older. I kept waiting for him to start limping around like "Cookie" or "Stumpy".

    In Harms way said I should limit myself. I will use moderation even after this diet. I got so caught up in Duke because I wanted to see everything he had ever done and that took quite a while to get through.

    I find there is a line drawn when I've talked to other John Wayne fans. Either you watch him on a regular basis or you watch him when ever he's on TV. True John Wayne fans know so much about him and use sites like this but the more casual ones watch him maybe once a year and they don't really like to talk about him.

    That's why I love this site! I love talking to other serious fans! But I also want to use moderation. He will always be a passion for me but I don't want him to be all consuming.

    Thanks everyone for their support!

    :huh: To be sure that I am holding John Wayne in the right perspective I am putting myself on a month long diet from his movies. That is I will not watch any of his movies during the month of May 2005.

    Why? I'm sure that Duke would be very flattered by this site and that so many of his fans are still loyal to him. But I also feel that he would not want our lives to revolve around him. He believed in the capacity of the individual and I believe he would want us to make the most of our lives. Wether your a plumber or an accountant I think he would want us to be the very best we could be.

    But where does he fit into the scenario in our lives? Is he an a mere interest or an obsession? :stunned: Does his influence benefit us or is it a stumbling block? :wub:

    I want to check this in myself. I invite anyone else to take this challenge with me. I will give you weekly reports as to how I'm doing. I plan to investigate the films of some of his co-stars such as: Harry Carry, Ward Bond, Walter Brennan and Victor McLaglen. Also I would like to look at other films by directors Henry Hathaway and Howard Hawks.

    If you can't do it for a whole month try a week. :fear2:

    :lol: Mr. Brooks:
    I'm kinda new to this site. May I ask your role in "Angel and the Bad Man"? That is my all time favorite John Wayne!!!


    Originally posted by William T Brooks@Mar 21 2005, 08:37 AM
    Chester thanks a bunch, I really not ready to go yet! :fear2: Bonnie I have to agree with Hondo if you watch "McLintock, Hatri, Donovan's Reef and of course The Angel and the Badman" a great love story :wub: and I had a small part in that film and I was only a few years older than you at that time. If you watch these films you will have a lot of Good Clean Fun :lol: and see Duke at his Best. :cowboy:

    But remember what my Grandmother told me when I was your age. That most of these old John Wayne Films "ARE JUST MAKE-BELIEVE" :ph34r: and not the real thing!!! Chilibill :cowboy:


    :fear2: Arthur:
    Thanks for all the great info. I read Maureen O'Hara's book and she had plenty of horror stories to tell of John Ford. How many are there in Harry Carry, Jr.'s book?

    I'm brand new to the site and I love it. I hope to make some new friends here. I've got a question. How many movies did John Wayne do with Grant Withers? I understand from the A&E Documentary that when Grant Withers died it really upset Duke.

    If anyone knows please e-mail me, thanks!

    [FONT=Optima] :rolleyes: I became a fan because of the style he portrays in his movies but that drew me to learn more about the man. I've read several biographies now of the people closest to him; his daughter Aissa, his wife Pilar, and Maureen O'Hara.

    I now love the man more than the legend. There are some who are happy with the bad to the bone, defeat anyone, never cries, heroic legend. I will take the man who loved to play chess, go shopping, danced with his wife, worries about other people, and had a steadfast testimony of freedom.

    [FONT=Arial] :huh: Why was Harry Carry, Sr. so popular in the silent movie days but then when the Talkies came out he was reduced to character roles?

    :( The only main role I've seen him in is Shepard of the Hills which I thought he was great in. What a wonderful experience that must have been for Duke to work with his hero! :lol:

    :D My Father is 83 years old and I'm 31. I do have an appreciation for that generation. I have gotten to know it well. I agree with you, Sir. Once you know that age group you almost seem to yearn for the same things they knew.


    Originally posted by Cole Thornton@Mar 29 2004, 08:03 PM
    "I see you are my cousin." :lol: That's worse than some of the dialogue in The Conqueror!!!

    I'm happy to see that we of the 31-40 age group are the majority in the poll so far (20 votes currently), and I think this may have something to do with the fact that many of us, whose grandfathers are WWII veterans--think of our grandfathers as having a John Wayne-like persona. My grandfather, who is 80, grew up in the South during the Great Depression and served in the US Navy during WWII. He experienced hardship and held many of the independent, individualistic values that the Duke believed in. There's a line in McClintock when Wayne's character says: "The government never gave anyone anything!" and from The Undefeated: "Well, I sure ain't gonna give 'em to the army!" (referring to horses). Whenever I hear those lines, I immediately think of my grandfather talking. It's right out of something he would say! Anyone else from the 31-40 age bracket have these same thoughts?