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    Hi Stumpy,

    I haven't gone through and read all the posts about your problem, so I am not sure if you have done this step or not, but wanted to ask.

    Did you go and delete the cookies for or did you just delete you browser history?

    Just in case, to delete the cookies for open firefox, select tools, select options, select privacy, select show cookies, scroll down until you see, select the folder and click remove cookie.

    After that make sure you have cookies enabled, go to and log in, selecting the remember me check box.

    I am almost positive that your site cookie is corrupted.

    That ending also removes the need for a sequal. We know what kind of man the character is, we know he is married to the service... Maybe Ford saw the posibility for another story with the other ending, but had no interest in persuing that....

    You know one of the greatest things that has been lost in this Country is the ability to respect someone elses point of view. You don't have to agree with it, you don't have to like it, but at least respect the fact that we enjoy the freedom for everyone to have a differing opinion.

    I don't agree with people that think the Government should dole out health care, retirement founds, welfare (even though I receive it). I believe that our Government was not designed to take care of us, but for us to take care of it. Unfortunately, this is no longer the dominant opinion and I believe that our Country is headed in a bad direction. This is proven out with the unemployment rate and the increasing number of people on welfare. Now I don't think that someone that disagrees with that is an idiot (There are plenty of them on both sides by the way), I just don't agree with the direction they think the Country should go. No need to name call, no need to hate, no need for anything but respect.

    By they way I live in a Blue State that didn't stand a chance of electing a Republican president so I wrote my name in...

    I think it is really cool that this thread was, well resurrected, so to speak.

    My 15 year old daughter was Baptized this month, she decided to take the next step in deepening her relationship with God.

    (Steps on soapbox)

    God is not about religion, He is about relationship. He want's to spend time with us, if all of use that follow Christ had more of a relationship with Him, we would change the world.

    (Steps off of soapbox)

    The kids went back to school today after their two week winter break... in a few days I'm going to call around to the San Jose and San Fransisco Museums and see if I can't get any help.

    A long while back someone rolled it up an put it in a tube... from what I can see it looks like an Army photo from about WWI time... So I would guess that would set the time frame to 1914-1918 or so...

    We have just left it alone now, it is torn around the center. On our attempt to unroll it, we broke a small section of one corner off...

    Thank you all for your input and I'll put any updates...

    A friend of mine is scanning photos that she received from her grandpa and one of them is an old B&W that was rolled up, it looks like it is from around 1910 or so. The photo is fragile and torn already, so unrolling it as is, is not an option. I did some looking around on Google and it seems like soaking it in water is the common answer. Have any of you done this before or have a more trusted source than Google that could verify that for me.