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    I'd be willing to bet a considerable amount of money that you're wrong on both counts.

    If I didn't realize that the American voter is a stupid, easily swayed creature, I would agree with you. I just can't help but remember "read my lips, no new taxes!!" Bush got the crap beat out of him with that stick, but no one remembered that the Dems (who had control of congress) would not pass a budget with out new taxes.. the Government even shut down for a few weeks... so can Obama win based on, hey I got Bin Laden, sure he can... he'll just point out that everything that is wrong is not his fault, he inherited it... he just needs another term to prove it.. after all he got the troops out of Afghanistan and the civil unrest that occured after that was not his fault either, in fact he kept us out of another countries civil war... yeah he's the greatest!! :vomit:

    Went to the Library the other day and picked up

    Casablanca: Love this movie, used to watch it with my mom every time it was on.

    The wackiest ship in the army: Jack Lemon and Ricky Nelson, I had thought it would have been a little better movie, but was entertaining.

    West side Story: Another classic that I used to watch with my mom...

    I picked Casablanca and West side story to watch with my middle daughter so she could see what real acting and story telling is like...

    The worst thing about this moron is that he bold face lied about it. What else will the scum bag lie about? Every voter in his constituency should press for a recall and get his low moral ass out of office... I know it won't happen, when are people going pull their heads out of their backsides...

    Didn't see a topic for this yet.. so I thought I would start one... hope everyone has a good Easter.. time spent with family and all that good stuff... oh and to add a bit of humor...

    I can't believe the John Wyane messageboard disregards the fact that the Cohen Brothers have continually denegrated DUKE in their interviews. They claimed to never have seen the original, yet most of the camera angles are taken directly from Hathaways version. I am not saying they have to Love JOhn Wayne but if your going to remake this movie you need to show some respect and they have not done that.
    I have read many interviews regarding this movie and have finally had it. All I need now is a way to resign from this board and find Dukes real fans

    You should have a little flame or trolling tag that you can stick to posts like this...

    Well they are saying that the snow level could drop as low as sea level this weekend... Been in the area for about 20 years could be the first snow we have seen this low... I am so thankful for global warming... lol

    It cracks me up how people love to blame Bush (Clinton, Obama) for all the problems we face in the USA... it show a true lack of understanding about how the system works. We are in the mess we are in because of the excedily large amount of APATHY in this Country. This is spurred on by politicians that feel like they are better than the average person and therefor deserve not only to be in power but to be well taken care of because of it. ALL POLITICIANS have been through the same indoctrination and most have been to the same schools and brought up through the ranks of the same political machines. They know how to manipulate the weak minded apathetic middle and lower class voter. No longer are issues truly addressed they are just switched to hot topic emotional buttons used to swing the weak minded from logic to emotion so that their judgment is clouded, which makes them easily swayed. As long as apathy rules, the 535 people in the house and senate will be free to vote themselves pay raises, push their personal agendas on the people, and exploit the freedoms that so many have died for to their benefit and not the people of this once great country. However, there is hope... there is a swelling movement around the globe of people throwing off their oppressive governments and reaching for freedom!! I pray that soon that spark will reach this land and we will remember what our founding fathers fought for 235 years ago (on July 4th, 2011).

    The other thing to remember is that it is not only gasoline that the petroleum is used for. If we really want to make an impact on our use of foreign oil, we need to stop using anything made of plastic. Yeah I know, everything these days have plastic in it.

    We all agree on that but hopefully, the NTG will inspire a revival of Western movie-making.

    If anything it may inspire a few remakes...

    High Noon
    The Magnificent 7
    Another Stagecoach...

    Who knows maybe even Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

    SO far there is about 150 million(dollars) reasons this movie was made. Dukes version has not appeared on the big screen in 40 years. Until this new version was made a lot of young people did not know there was a old version.

    Another reason... is that there is no, or at least few, talented writers in Hollywood these days... the best they can hope for is a sad rehash of something that was successful before.

    I watched True Grit yesterday. I enjoyed the movie, I think I would have enjoyed it more if I was not always trying to compare it to TOTG.

    I didn't care for the new ending for a couple of reasons... For some reason, to me, it just didn't seem to fit the rest of the movie... the camera work, acting and what not and the actors seemed really stiff to me.

    I liked the ending of TOTG better with the horse jump over the fence and I also liked the open endedness the ending had.

    But over all I would give the new version a "GO SEE"

    It's different because he promised us that if he was elected it wouldn't be politics as usual. Just because it looks like the same old thing doesn't mean it is... come on, you know old slick willy showed us that if you tell a lie long enough people will believe it...

    I don't have any pic's scanned that I can post right now... but as a youngster... the tap dance troop I was in did a show dressed as Indians... got our pic in the local paper... and when I was in AF basic training a couple of my buddies and I did an old time western photo...