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    I watched this yesterday, Hondo, your correct!

    Also, I had the closed caption on, when Taw and Levi talk to Wild Horse, the captions told me it was in Spanish and then Native. Was that the case? I don't know either. :D

    "twenty dollars and a horse" :D

    Thanks Keith :D

    As a Arizona resident, It's great to see some of the locations that were filmed here.

    Monument Valley is calling my name. I MUST go there! Thanks to JW's movies, I have been captivated by Arizona history with the Apache Wars, Mining, and early settlements.

    All good stuff.

    I have always admired The Duke for as long as I remembered. I didn't see one his movies until about 3 years ago. I was instantly hooked.

    John Wayne reminds us of what real men were like. Be good to people, stand by your word, be proud, and don't take crap from anyone. Men now in days are seriously lacking some of those qualities. I'm trying to raise my son with those things in mind because kids have little respect now in days.

    Now I'm a avid collector of JW's movies, plates, and neat stuff I can get my hands (and wallet) on.

    Thanks for the site, lots and lots of great info. (maybe to much, I don't want to know bloopers.. kinda ruins it for me) :D