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    "I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted,
    and I won't be laid a hand on.
    I don't do these things to other people
    and I expect the same from them."

    So ~ Listen up ~

    Whichever one of you Texas "waddies" or Internet "brush poppers" it was out there
    that stole my "eye-patch" ~ I want it back and I want it back NOW!

    "I know, a lot of guys make mistakes I guess,
    but every one we make ~ a whole stack of chips goes with it.
    We make a mistake and some guy don't walk away ~
    forevermore, he don't walk away."

    ~ ~ ~

    "Well, there are some things a man just can't run away from."

    ~ and this sure as hell is one of 'em ~

    ~ ~ ~

    "All battles are fought by scared men who'd rather be some place else."
    ~ and ~
    "This kind of war, you've gotta believe in what you're fighting for."

    ~ ~ ~

    And just so all of you know that when I say ~
    ~ "Out here a man settles his own problems." ~
    I mean just that...

    To me, that damned eye patch wasn't just an "eye patch" ~
    Hell, there were more than 60 of 'em made for me on "True Grit"
    because I asked for it and so's I wouldn't get an eye infection wearin' the same ones day after day.
    Hell, I ain't stupid and I know "they" knew that too ~
    so they pretty much gave me whatever I asked for ~

    So ~ whoever you are out there ~
    "Every time you turn around expect to see me.
    'Cause one time you'll turn around and I'll be there,
    and I'll kill you, Matt."
    (Or whatever your Internet forum name is)

    For me, that eye-patch was, finally, my only "E" ticket to the "Oscars".
    And like I said back in 1970 when I accepted that award ~

    "Wow! If I'd have known that ~
    I would have put that patch on thirty-five years earlier"

    ~ ~ ~

    And so, whoever you are and wherever you are ~
    do the "right thing" and return this beloved and memorable icon
    to the one who rightfully deserves it the most ~
    John Wayne ~ the "Duke" and/or at least ~ "Rooster Cogburn" himself.

    DISCLAIMER ~ The foregoing somewhat semi-fictionalized characterization of what John Wayne (the actor) may or may not have actually said about his "missing eye patch" was only relayed to me by Rooster Cogburn's "Nephew" ~ "General" Sterling Price ~ which of course, is no relation to yours truly. Believe what you will from a mere "movie cat" ~ but I for one have every confidence in what "General Sterling Price" told me. And "Chen Lee" ~ Rooster's adopted 'Father' ~ will most assuredly back up everything I've just said.

    And yes, of course I do know that Rooster's eye patch was over his "left" eye and not his "right" (aiming/shooting) eye ~ So, sue me ~ nothing in life is as it seems or is "perfect". If you don't agree, then by all means watch "True Grit" again and tell us which hand Rooster Cogburn first uses to "dramatically cock" and then fire his lever action Winchester and then which of his hands he uses to then fire his Navy Colt "6-Shooter" immediately "after" he charges through the onslaught of Ned Pepper and his gang?

    "Cinematic Illusion" ~ the thing from which great movies and Oscar winners are made from.

    OMG ~ Reality Shows are all just "scripted"? So WTF is next? ~

    Are you also suggesting perhaps that programs such as "American Idol" and "America's Got Talent" may also be "rigged/scripted" for votes? ~ Godforbid ~

    But also pray tell, if you know ~ why does a program such as "Dual Survival" for one example, always and consistently portray their main charaters as being in 'emminent danger' for lack of food and water or usually all of the necessary elements for either making fire or suitable shelter or whatever ~ while just a few short feet/meters away is always the ever present camera and sound crew with candy bars ~ food and other cans of "life saving goodies" ready to jump in if and whenever the need arises for the 'refreshment' of these so-called TV "reality star" survivalists?

    My good forum friend Ringo ~ you have touched upon perhaps one of the most flagrant and mis-used forms of "capitalism" our supposedly erudite American citicenzry has ever discovered ~ Television and the Internet and the absolute gullibilty of what today is a very young American public who have yet to find out for themselves the true meaning of what America REALLY use to stand for and what it really still "should be" all about.

    I happened to have grown up in a time in American history when the sharing of "real personal sacrifice" not only meant the sustainablity of not just the family unit, but also the Country itself in which we all lived in . It was called WWII.

    IMHO ~ All of these so-called present day "Reality" TV Shows are no more than just that ~ Television "Shows" ~ made for profit and geared toward nothing more than simply the "entertainment" of a small portion of a gullible population of young Americans today that expect nothing more from life than just to be "entertained".

    Director Howard Hawks and his long time favorite cinematographer Russel Harlen sure knew what they were doing when they created this scene together for "Red River".

    Too often in the past a lot of movies were just shot "day for night" using either a blue filter over the lens for color or a deep red filter for B&W and then underexposed the shot. With very few exceptions those scenes always looked pretty phoney to me.

    Shooting "night for night" and then properly lighting it was definately not for the inexperienced movie maker. This scene and the night time "burial scene" out on the prairie from "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" directed by John Ford and cinematographer Winston Hoch are two of the best examples of movie makers who, in my opinion, really knew how to "create" a dramatice scene.

    Absolutely amazing pieces--thanks for sharing.

    PS, everyone else might be afraid to ask but I aint--any of these for sale? If so, I wouldnt mind the Guardhouse Fort Apache scene or the The Horse Soldiers scene.

    Thanks for asking Ringo but no, I can't sell them because I don't have copyright permission. Besides, selling any of these would take the "fun" out of it for me. Feel free to right click and "save picture as" and then print them out for yourself if you like. Just remember, these are all low resolution for the Web and your prints will have to remain relatively small.

    Welcome to the Sterling Price Photo-Restoration Gallery

    This strikingly handsome young fellow below with the spear in his hand is Navajo "Chief Iron Jaw" and is our "Gallery Greeter" ~ He couldn't get a job with his local WalMart only because he doesn't understand a word of English ~ but he is quite affluent in Navajo 'Sign Language' and that was good enough for us.

    So, while you're browsing through all of the wonderfully restored images you're about to see in here ~ should you otherwise come across a photo you either just may not like or disagree with my "interpretation" of the image ~ then by all means please feel free to express your concerns with "Chief Iron Jaw" ~~~ just be careful how you display your hand and finger gestures because in sign language, as in the English language, even many "sign gestures" could have multiple meanings.


    Since the hour now draws near to closing for an 'Old Timer' like me up here in the wilderness of the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania, USA ~ and the oncoming Northeast "blizzard" of 2013 is now here and the wind outside is beginning to howl ~ it's only a matter of "when" and not "if" I'm going to lose my electric power.

    So, before that happens, I'll just leave you all now with 2 of my "interpretive/restorative" images of the man who, without any doubt, had the greatest influence upon the American public through the art of motion pictures. He wasn't just another actor in "cowboy movies" ~ he was a genuine inspiration to all of us who loved him ~ ~ ~ and still love him today.

    Almost forgot to mention one thing ~ for all you "cowboys" out there ~ please check your guns at the door with the "Chief" before coming in. "Jaws" hasn't had to actually throw that thing he's holding in his hands for years ~ but he will if he has to.

    I'm only now just returning to this great John Wayne online forum (JWMB) ~ (the best and most comprehensive) ~ and only after a very lengthy absence (12/14/2010) ~ the result of some rather unintended consequences of a very violent head-on MV accident ~ I eventually survived (still with some limitations) ~ but the other motorist unfortunately wasn't so lucky. Such is 'life'. Trust me ~ I am a walking/talking and "still bitching" example for why every motorist on the road today should ALWAYS WEAR A SEATBELT.

    But now that I'm back and have pretty much all of my "normal faculties" and sometime 'ornery disposition' somewhat yet intact but still functioning properly ~ I'd like to say that I am continually appalled at the American Film Institute's failure to recognize the lifetime achievement and accomplishments of John Wayne ~ This man wasn't just an "actor/producer/director" in films or television ~ he was a hell of a lot more than just that.

    Here is just part of what the AFI says it uses to determine the 'worthiness' of one whom they deem "deserved " into their hallowed hall of reverence, respect and recognition ~

    " The AFI Life Achievement Award was established by the Board of Directors of the American Film Institute on February 26, 1973 to honor a single individual for his or her lifetime contribution to enriching American culture through motion pictures and television"

    "The Trustees initially specified that the recipient must be one who fundamentally advanced the art of film and whose achievements had been acknowledged by the general public as well as by film scholars and critics and the individual's peers. The Trustees also specified that the work of the recipient must have withstood the test of time"

    I would encourage each and everyone of you reading this to focus your attention on some of these AFI "requirements" ~ "lifetime contribution" ~ "enriching American culture through motion pictures" ~ and each and every other such accomplishment as also hi-lighted above and then try to convince anyone why this man ~ John Wayne ~ has never been inducted into this much revered and more than respected cadre of motion picture American actors?

    Here is the AFI's list of previous (mostly actor/but also producer/director) inductees and the year they were inducted ~ James Cagney (1974) ~ Orson Welles (1975) ~ Bette Davis (1975) ~ Henry Fonda (1978) ~ James Stewart (1980) ~ Fred Astaire (1981) ~ John Huston (1981) ~ Lillian Gish (1984) ~ Gene Kelly (1985) ~ Barbara Stanwyck (1987) ~ Jack Lemmon (1988) ~ Gregory Peck (1989) ~ Kirk Douglas (1991) ~ Sydney Poitier (1992) ~ Elizabeth Taylor (1992) ~ Jack Nicholson (1994) ~ Clint Eastwood (1996) ~ Dustin Hoffman (1999) ~ Harrison Ford (2000) ~ Barbra Streisand (year ?) ~ Tom Hanks (2002) ~ Robert De Niro (2003) (only my son David will know why I particularly highlighted Robert De Niro's name) ~ Meryl Streep (2004) ~ Sean Connery (2006) ~ Al Pacino (2007) ~ Warren Beatty (2008) ~ Michael Douglas (2009) ~ Morgan Freeman (2011) ~ Shirley MacLaine (2012) ~~~~~ Mel Brooks is a "potential candidate" for 2013.

    So, here's my own personal "beef" with these Board of Directors of the American Film Institute ~ Either they are "completely oblivious" as to the achievements and accomplishments of John Wayne, the actor/producer/director ~ and also as to being the lifetime contributor to the "enrichment of American culture" through motion pictures ~ or, these same Board of Directors of the AFI are completely disambiguous to the absolute multitude of literally millions of loyal American (and others) movie fans over more than one generation whose lives were either altered or otherwise completely changed by his presence upon the American motion picture screen.

    I just happened to be one of them. "Flying Tigers" (1942) ~ and eventually "Island in the Sky" (1953) is what encouraged me as a 19 year old to eventually go to work for Flying Tiger Airlines in 1953 and spend most of my professional career (30 + years) working and flying with them. John Wayne did that ~ No one else could have inspired a young teenager like me back then ~ but he sure as hell did and I also eventually wound up doing pretty well for myself with FTL.

    So then, just who should this man/actor/producer/director John Wayne be compared to or "against"? Another Dustin Hoffman or another Warren Beatty or another Mel Brooks? And if he is then at the very least ~ then why not he too also be included in with these equally fine and deserving actors/directors/producers?

    If many of you truly are fans of John Wayne and the legacy he left behind for many of us and want to make a difference, if not to JW himself then at least to his family, then why not let your own voices be heard and become a part of the decision making process when the AFI decides who is "worthy enough" for their coveted 2013 Award ~ Mel Brooks or John Wayne?

    American Film Institute
    2021 North Western Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90027-1657
    323.467.4578 Fax
    Email: [email protected]

    Let your own voices be heard ~ tell the AFI who you think is most deserving of this "Lifetime" award.

    I would love to know what motivated Jeff Bridges to wear the eye patch over his right eye instead of over his left eye as JW did in the original version of this film. Bridges is clearly right handed as some of the trailer clips show him firing his Winchester with the rifle stock up against his right shoulder and using his right hand to cock the rifle as well as pulling the trigger. Anyone who has ever fired a rifle, any rifle, with the weapon up against their right shoulder knows that it is impossible to line up the rear sight with the front sight using only their left eye to aim at a target. The right cheek is planted firmly up against the rifle stock and there is absolutely no way that the left eye can be used to sight in on a target. If he's shooting from the hip then it's not a problem but shooting with the butt of the rifle up against his right shoulder means that the shooter is not at all sure just where that bullet is going to wind up.

    Also, it'll be interesting this time to see whether the actor Barry Pepper who now plays the role of Lucky Ned Pepper shoots with his right hand or his left. He was the "left handed" sharpshooter in Saving Private Ryan.

    Thanks, I did see that but what I meant by hitting the "mark" was Hot Creek itself which is still quite a few miles away from the village of Mammoth Lakes and if one were to try and specifically locate where the dugout scene was filmed.

    About four and a half years ago on the first page of this thread someone had asked if anyone knew where the filming location was for the "dugout" scene. There were some attempts to try and nail it down but no one ever did quite hit the mark. I've been there several times over the past 35 years and have photographed it myself as part of a photo assignment I had back then. It is in an area known as Hot Creek, California and it is but a mere stone's throw from the Mammoth Lakes Airport. The airfield has only one N/S runway and is bordered on the West by Hwy 395 (split 4 lane).

    Just past the airport (travelling north) is a small 2 lane ashphalt road called: "Hot Creek Hatchery Rd". In about less than 2 miles and travelling east there will be several choices along hot creek to park your vehicle and walk down into the creek. The steam vents are most spectacular during late autumn when the early morning air is cold and crisp.

    I'm going to take the liberty of posting some screen shots from 3 of the most well known movies that were shot there and also one of my own shots at the end to show how different one location can look depending upon one's point of view......

    Jenny's honeymoon cabin - North to Alaska 1959/60

    North to Alaska

    North to Alaska

    JW in North to Alaska - Mt peak on the right is Mt. Whitney, Calif.

    North to Alaska

    Nevada Smith 1965/66 - Steve McQueen and Brian Keith

    Brian Keith in Nevada Smith

    True Grit 1968/69 - Dugout shown in lower left - Ned Pepper's gang riding up in center of frame.

    This is how I photographed the same scene in 1984. Late Autumn and slightly further downstream and "leaning" further out toward the creek in order to include the mountain shown in upper left of the frame. I used a slightly longer than normal lens in order to "compress" the image somewhat and lend more 'drama' to the mountains in the background.

    Ten years ago I had this same image printed on a 28X40 inch stretched canvas and it has hung in my den ever since. I never get tired of looking at it....great memories.