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    Yes, im afraid i have also joined the list in that we have had a terrible tragedy.

    One of our children was due to be married mid Nov, and 1 month before hand the fiancee was drowned overseas where they worked togeather. And it happening overseas added a whole additional level of distress upon the just the basic facts of such a horribly sad event, only literally a few weeks off returning home to be married .

    So you have'nt been hearing much from me for awhile.

    My condolences go out to all those who have sadly found a place here as well.

    It's a really great idea to have this.

    Im afraid Clint Eastwood movies are'nt for me, many of them are just toooooooo violent...... even by todays standards they really had a hard edge about them.

    Rowdy was just an innocent.. i think ill'' leave Clint in my memory like that.

    Just also wanted to add that they have Clint Eastwoods picture pretty central on the DVD series covers... i guess he is alive, he has the big name etc.. he draws the people that are too young to remember Eric, and how he was pivotal in carrying that series, and after he left at the end of series 7, series 8 with Rowdy as ramrod only lasted half the season beofre it was pulled, once Eric left that was it, the audience had already seen so many of their favourites get pushed, but the Boss gone... no way...................... it just was not going to fly.
    No takers.....

    Eric also did 2 episodes of Bonanza, 1 of them in 2 parts and aired the day it was announced he had drowned, it starred Dina Merril and was called " The persued" it's on utube the other episode was a single airing close to the other one.
    Also i think i may have the date of Eric s death wrong, have to double check, but i think it was 28 Sept not the 30..

    The 30 September marked the accidental death of Eric Fleming, who played trail boss in Rawhide, with Rowdy ( Eastwood) as ramrod.

    Poor Eric was drowned aged 42, 42 years ago, only a few years after leaving Rawhide whilst filming in South America when a canoe overturned.

    There were 2 in the canoe, Eric was a very experienced swimmer and diver but the current dragged him down the Heluaga River, whereas the other man was able to swim to safety.

    Eric's body was found 3 days later, and his fiancee was at t he river that day he drowned, they were to be married 2 days later, this was the final shoot i think, and they were then retiring to Hawiia where he had brought a farm.

    RIP Eric.

    I just cant bring myself to watch it ... really dont like to watch remakes of favourite movies ... especially Westerns ...
    Dont watch many Westerns after 1960's, they have to be very very good

    One thing i dont like usually about modern remakes the pump the violence up a lot, what this like in that regard, im pushing myself to go anyway, but if it's an and out blood bath im not going.

    Thats one thing about the classic westerns, the generally knew where th e line was.

    Went this morning and picked up about half of what we were wanting and the rest hopefully next week, having the $5 list at home to order from is great, we probably wont be seen all winter now !

    Hi Ringo
    Drop them an email and ask them to email the *$5- catalogue to you, as its not on there and thats where im getting all of mine from, i have selected what i want from that this time.

    They emailed it to me no problem Its a comprehensive list of good top shelf faves, not junk, very good value.

    Thats $5 Australian though.

    OH boy have a discovered trouble, in totally the nicest possible way i should add ,,,,lololol

    I went out to a place i went to years ago to bye Horse DVD s and have rediscovered it as an amazing source of classic Westerns, and very cheap, the majority of what i want is $5, for what i see as the most sought after and highly regarded of the Western genre i think, all of our faves are there.

    I of course could not help myself first visit and brought about 7, but they have emailed me their $5 selections, so of course i have sat down and made a little ( little lolololol) list for my next visit .

    And oh boy, i recorded a Western on TV a few days ago that i didnt really have time to check what it was about, put it on last night, and oh boy, i actually cant watch it,,,, been too spoilt with " the real deal " !!

    Boys, I am spankin new around these parts. It was June of 1962 and it just so happened that Liberty Valance was playing the week of my birthday. That is all I wanted for my birthday, to see old Duke and Jimmy on the big screen, and I have never forgotten him, Jimmy or that classic in 41 years. Now there is a great deal about everything that I don't know, beit Duke or anything else in life, except horses. I read with keen interest a story of old Beau still being alive a few years ago and that really caught my interest! True Grit was filmed in 1968 and if Beau had been a colt, say a four year old and new to movies and True Grit was his first film, that would have made him foaled in 1964. If he was still alive two or three years ago that would have made him 36 or 37 years old. Most horses live to be 27 to 30 before their organs shut down. Their are exceptions to the rule, their always is. Duke stated in an interview that the Walker he was riding in True Grit, in his own words... Just blew up! and he was replaced. You couldn't twirl a winchester and have the first Beau stand in his tracks. The second Beau has the blaze and stockings, but he is more red, while the first horse shows a roan cast to him. Duke only admitted to owning one horse in his name. A little Quarter Horse that the papers were in the name of John Wayne. Duke was a good rider. He didn't love horses, but he didn't hate them either. The horse Cochise from El Dorado was owned by Howard Hawks. Duke said that it took a lot of arm muscle to back him out of Ed Asners ranch. Banner was the horse at Republic that Duke rode the longest. Alamo was in The Alamo and his main mount in McLintock. Of course Dollor came along with Big Jake and except for the mule in Cahill U.S. Marshall, Duke never climbed aboard another horse, just ol Dollor. Now to my question. In The Searchers, The Horse Soldiers and Liberty Valance you see Duke mounted on a tall, very fast sorrel horse with a blaze with a tiny red spot in it. Duke only rode him in the three John Ford films and for no one else. It's like pappy Ford instructed Duke to ride this one special mount. The running insert where Duke rides and fires as he attacks the Indian village is one of the fastest galloping inserts ever filmed with a major star. Clint Eastwood never in his career rode that fast.I want to know the name of that horse and I have wanted to know for years. The Searchers is one of the greatest films of the Twentieth Century and I don't know the name of the horse that the greatest western star rode! He looks to have Thoroughbred blood in him and he was truly magnificent! Well old Quirt is your latest addition to a board that means a great deal to me. I will read every word typed for Duke and Jimmy Stewart are my two all time favorites and westerns in general are my cup of tea. Thank you for your time!

    Gee, i soooo enjoyed reading that post, fantastic, this is such a great site !!!

    OH Keith, they just couldnt resist it hey, yuk.............. !!
    Ford would rooooooooooooolll in his grave lolololo

    And no, i will never be tempted to watch it.

    Last night i watched some really great interviews of early " Parkinson" ( UK ) interviews with John Wayne & Jimmy Stewart, also saw a Dean Martin interview with J wayne, both on Q/Horses on DM's talk show, must have been early 70's i guess.

    Heaps of J W on you -tube
    OMG- I saw a Jimmy Stewart interview as well in ...... Carson USA, all off youtube i think they were.