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    Hello All well the Canucks survived the first series but it was no cake walk. First they won three then they lost three then took game 7 in overtime.
    In their second series they have won two games to Nashville's one and game four is tonight. No one is feeling confident of the outcome but many are hopeful. We'll have to see how it goes.

    Without sounding too bias I will share that I respect the regular season the Canucks have had this year. 4 more games and the playoff begins. Reg players are seeing some added bench time so as to rest for the marathon that approaches. There are a few eyes on the Canucks this year. Some believe the end result will be disappointing. I say that if you enjoy a game then there is more to that enjoyment then winning which is great but it is in the trying that we reach for glory. Courage is in the trying not the winning.

    Take good pork ribs and in a large capacity pot sear those ribs ( cook them until they are browned). You can use cold pressed double virgin olive oil to cook the ribs then take those browned ribs and put them in a marinade of fresh squeezed lemon ( three or four large ones) and sea salt. Do this 6 hours prior to the meal, serving time. Then repeat the first step adding more oil if needed. Brown some veal and add to the ribs marinating.
    Then in the pot put the following; ripe tomatoes fine chopped onions cans of diced tomatoes ( like a 100 ounce can by San Benito ) and fresh if you can get it Basil and Oregano and pepper. Cook on medium to render the mix down into an applesauce texture. After the sauce has reached soft then reduce heat to bare simmer and keep the mix warmish for the balance of time to make the whole mission a 6 hour project.. Volumes of meat actually volumes of all ingredients depend on taste and number of servings required. We have always made enough to freeze some.

    Time it right and there is an opportunity to watch a movie or a game or show on TV or have some wine while it cooks. PS when the magic sauce is at about 4 hours then throw in the ribs watch the splash . Then drop in the veal ( cut into fork sized pieces ) then add 1/2 a pound of salted butter or less ( to taste ) Cook for 2 hours more at low heat then remove rib bones and serve on pasta you love with parmesen and asiago cheese, both fresh ground.

    Hello All 109 points in the NHL. Canucks sustain injuries and fan support and persevere. Many are beginning to hope cynics are praying, The question all are asking - is this, after 40 attempts at the Stanley Cup, going to be our year. In the 6 or so games remaining I will be watching. I don't own a team sweater that fits but I will watch and support the team. Why not Canadians invented Hockey.

    a movie can be a brilliant investment offering reinforcement of values or whatever helps your sun shine brighter, Classic Westerns day has risen and fallen at times. I like em i buys em and I enjoy watching em,