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    Duke: Listen pilgrim, i don't care what you say, the bucket is empty! Max and i didn't even get one hot wing, and your standing there with one in each hand! What happen to share and share alike?

    Listen lady: Rance picked it up after liberty tripped him. He lost his composure, and had to go to the back room. This guy says it's a new steak, so just accept and eat the damn thing or i'll iron your face! Women! If it ain't one thing it's something else!

    Listen!!!! We all saw you take an extra roll of the dice... That's not the way we play yahatzee round these parts. So put the glass down and we'll let it go this time. But don't let it happen again...

    first guy to duke: yeah I'm pretty sure it's the same little guy, and he's heading this way.


    Mississippi (james caan) honest cole: (duke) this guy was walking down the street singing. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila floor! And just fell down! You know how gringo's are! Don't know the words to the song. Can't carry a tune in a bucket. What's a fella to think!

    Well gang i was thinking, which makes my head hurt of something we all might find a little fun doing, and learn a few things too. About ward bond and the duke.
    As you know ward was one of dukes, best friends through life. From back in dukes college days to the end.
    I just read that duke always considered it luck to play in a movie with ward. So i got to thinking: What if ward hadn't passed on in 1960 but had lived out his life and stared with the duke in some of his later pictures? Intresting huh? That's what i thought.
    So looking at the list of films from 1960 to 1976 i figured out just five (5) movies that ward might have played in. And the role he would have been in.
    So tag here is my five. Now you take the ranes and list your five.

    And to get you going just a small piece of info on mr bond:
    First: Wardell edwin bond was born april 9th, 1903 in benkelman, nebraska lived there until he was 16 when he moved with his family to denver colorado in 1919.
    Ward was 6' 2" and weight 200 pounds.
    Ward passed away in dallas, texas while attending a football game.

    The star of wagon trail which rated #1 in 1959 and 1960 with american viewers all over the us. We lost him at 57 years of age!

    So here is big dukes top (5) movies for ward bond to play in.

    #1 the sons of katie elder.... The town sheriff ( billy)
    #2 true grit............................ Col stonehill
    #3 mcq..................................... Capt kosterman
    #4 the undefeated................... Colonel langdon
    #5 cahill us marshal.............. Sheiff grady

    remeber there's no special order, just pick your 5 and maybe you want to all something to this to add a little more adventure!

    Old man in background with hands on his head:
    Jeez duke! How many times to i have to tell you to keep things like that to your self?! She's not one of the rolling stock boys! But go ahead your the one who keeps saying: A man's got to do ...what a man's got to do.. Somebody get me 2 aspirins!

    Duke: That will be $2.33 for the fill up.
    Old whiskers : I told you just pay the man! 13 cents a gallon and you just have to make a scene. I should have took the coach!
    Driver: I just know, if it's 13 cents today, what do you think it will be in 50 years? A dollar a gallon!!!

    well I was a little sneaky, the miss's watches ghost international, ghost adventures, ghost hunters, so do you see a pattern? a bunch of grown men and women making statements, like, if you want me come and get me! and then a stray cat, or something makes a noise, and it's help me help me! and then run like a sissy girl, now how many times can you watch that? oh well, or better yet bigfoot the search for, or bigfoot in alaska, or big foot alaska, or oops! there I go again. anyway I found my chance at the channel changer and there was john elder getting ready to take care or morgan hastings! now i think maybe I have viewed it 4 or 5 times..... uh that's followed by two 00's nothing wrong with that, then......amc week finished off with the shootist. I really like the opening in black and white. I think Ron Howard bet me out of the roll I should have had! LOL but I have myself a grandson turning 3 and I'll bet my chicago leg amputater he'll be just as savey on the duke as his dad and granddad are. I know there are bad western's out there, but thats Hollywood, tom selleck and sam elliott are our last hold outs as far as i can see. recently I saw a double movie sale at wal mart. it was HONDO and True Grit. only it was the new True Grit. What the ^*(&^(*&)&*^(*_$&^(_(+ that just isn't right! but my worse nightmare is when they put duke on and then one of the other channels shows a randolph scott western, sure glad i have a dvd player. ok ive written more words than I usually write in a whole week! and Colorado Bob if you read this keep your mouth shut!

    Didn't get to watch it from the start but have viewed it 50 times just watched: Hour of the gun with james garner. Fun that almost 40 later mr garner would be wyatt earp again in the movie sunset. Both are always a pleasure to watch