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    I am 32 (male). I have been on the internet since the early 90's, over 10 years. There are millions of websites around the world. But NONE has ever impressed or impacted me like this one. I cannot think of a better use for web space than a tribute to the Duke.
    I always wondered about the details of John Wayne's death. Tonight I watched In Harm's Way, then The Shootist. The latter is a hard movie for me to watch. So, I got online and googled the Duke to see what comes up and ended up here. I have been here and at reading for the last 6 (yes SIX) hours. It is after 1 am, and I need to go to bed.
    I have been a John Wayne fan most of my life. Unfortunately, I don't know a single person my age that is also a hard core Duke fan. Correction, didn't until I found this place.
    I never knew there was a book by his sweetheart. I never knew there is/is going to be? a John Wayne museum.

    Chilibill, you made After all these years I finally got the details of the Duke's final days I have wondered about most of my life. I cried. A great man was lost. If I am not mistaken and you did all that work, great job. I saved the information. Very impressive.
    To anyone that has anything to do with these 2 sites, THANK YOU.
    I will be sticking around here. I have alot of reading to do.
    Question, are there any 800x600 desktop themes of the Duke? If so WHERE!?
    Hope to meet you all. The Duke lives on, through his fans.