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    I had never really watched this movie all the way thru until over the Christmas holidays-I did.I liked it.
    The one scene that I vividly remember is toward the last of the movie-after Chance had gotten out of the game.The crew got in a situation that they couldn't handle-of course Chance gets the call.When he arrives on the scene on that plane and the cargo door drops open.There he stands,bigger than life,he doesn't say a word but by his look-he says I am here-everything is going to be OK.

    Mrs.Anderson says to Wil,just before they leave on the drive,"I'll think about you."
    Wil says,"You do and you won't sleep."
    I work the graveyard shift and a lot of nights before I leave for work,my wife and I have this conversation.It always makes her smile.

    I think I remember seeing this movie several years ago.Near the beginning of the movie where Big Jake is heading home.He rides upon 2 men about to hang a sheep herder.Jake intervenes and one of the 2 men says,who are you?Jake says,Jacob McCandle.The man says thought you was dead.Jake says,Not hardly.
    Needsless to say they didn't hang the sheepherder.
    But the last several times that I watched this movie this scene wasn't in it.
    I know he had the same conversation at the end of the movie with Richard Boone.
    Tell me if I am remembering right or did I dream this.

    After Joey and Mississippi return to the jail after the wrestling match in the barn.As Joey is leaving,Mississippi says I believe she would have shot me.Cole states"She shot me.
    I don't remember the exact words that Kevin McDonald says after Cole brings Luke home.But Kevin says I guess you're telling the truth.Thank you for bringing him home.Cole looks down and says"It don't help much.
    This is one of my favorite movies.


    Originally posted by Kevin@Dec 27 2005, 10:43 PM
    It worked. :D


    I love this quote about courage.I am a law enforcement officer in South Carolina.When I get into a situation where I am scared,I pray to my Lord Jesus Christ,then I say,What would The Duke do?There's no question He goes ahead and does it.