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    Thanks Chester,
    Amazing photos! How can anyone not believe in God! I am told that the universe is, if I remember correctly, 15 Billion light years to the edge. How they know that I don't know and what is beyond that is mind boggling. I remember reading that God holds the universe in the palm of his hand. Just how little are we! Or how big is God?

    Hi Esther, I can imagine how wonderful the experience for all the viewers to see The Quiet Man on the big screne is going to be because I have loved the movie ever since I first saw it many years ago on tv. Since then I have painted several canvases in tribute to such a fine movie. In case you might like to see some of them you may at Thanks for the heads up, wish I was one of them but it isn't likely since I live clear on the other side here in North Carolina.

    Hi Rose,
    I am so glad to get to say hello. I think that we will get to know one another pretty good as time goes by. Bill has been so kind to introduce me to all here and everylast one of them are ladies and gentlemen.
    I am the artist that did Forever On The Trail that Bill probably told you about and you will get to see it Tuesday.

    HI All,
    I heard on AMC or TCM in a way back then interview with John Wayne that the movie was one of his favorites. Strange I know but that is what he said as I recall. For me I enjoyed the movie for its own value because of the time it represented. These men were hardy souls crossing the Atlantic with the threat of being torpedoed any minute.

    You are the very first person to say anything about the horn being in two different positions. I noticed that a few years ago and have wondered why they would do something like that. I had wondered if it slid freely from one side to the other. I came across this when I was doing research for Five Miles To Castletown. Good for you Keith.